Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Stuck, eSports Amok, Mustacha v. Mohawk

Early money on the mustache.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a waxed cookie duster, some fluffy mutton chops and a $10 gift certificate for a hot shave at the afternoon poker news barber.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth dropping bank in his home game, eSports gains traction on ESPN and a hirsute dream matchup in the Global Poker League.

1) Hellmuth Drops $50k, Eats Oreos

There seem to be some pretty sweet perks playing in Phil Hellmuth's high-end West Coast home game, not the least of which include floor seats to Golden State Warriors games.

Still, given how much he drops in the game, there must be some softer spots out there for him to find:

Given the going rate for GSW floor seats, though, $20k or so might be a bargain.

2) eSports Could Be "Next Poker" for ESPN

It's been over 10 years since poker became commonplace on TV - particularly on ESPN - and there's no doubt it played a huge part in growing the game into a worldwide phenomenon.

Tell us more about this Gutslug fellow.

But make no mistake - people thought it was weird to see poker on TV at first, let alone on a sports channel.

Another global phenomenon going through a similar growth spurt? The world of eSports, and it's already becoming more and more a part of the ESPN landscape.

ESPN believes in its future so much, in fact, as vice president of programming and acquisitions John Lasker told Tech Insider, that "fans should expect to see more highlights, player profiles, and news across its web and television."

Another lesson from poker it needs to pay attention to, says Lasker: To "tell the stories of the players as much as possible" and focus coverage on players with complex backstories, rather than the games themselves.

Something poker needs to keep in mind, too.

3) Mustapha vs. Danzer Should Be Special

We're in the heart of Week 6 of the Global Poker League and diving into the heads-up matches that always seem to deliver some special moments.

This morning saw London Royal Justin Bonomo dominate Randy Lew with a full 3-0 sweep and currently Berlin Bear Brian Rast is taking on Moscow Wolverine Sergey Lebedev.

The nightcap will be #1 overall pick Mustapha Kanit of the Rome Emperors vs. Paris Aviator George Danzer which, if Kanit come to play in top form, should be spectacular.

If you're a fan of interesting personal style choices the mustache vs. the mohawk is also an intriguing secondary storyline. Watch the match below:

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