Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Spin-Up, Ivey Sniff Out, Connor Drinan Secret

Connor Drinan
Connor Drinan's "I just got famous" face.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a camera in your face, a pair of pocket aces and all the faith in the world you'll split the afternoon poker news pot.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth recovering from his baby regression to spin-up a nice payday, Phil Ivey gets kudos for folding AK pre-flop in the $1m Big One for One Drop and the one thing everyone's missing about Connor Drinan's unfortunate Big One bad beat.

1) Hellmuth Sheds Onesie, Spins $3k into $35k

Don't worry. We won't revisit Phil Hellmuth's terrifying Baby Huey moment from yesterday in pictures.

We will, however, point out that it seems to have paid off in implied odds in the follow-up cash game:

2) Ivey Folds AK, Internet Applauds

In case you missed it the first episode of ESPN's 2014 $1m Big One for One Drop coverage aired last night. As expected we were treated to a few spectacular moments, highlighted by Connor Drinan's horrific AA vs. AA beat vs. Cary Katz.

While that one is blowing up the Internet right now (more on that below) another moment drawing some attention is the one that kicked off the broadcast.

Sitting third in chips when the coverage picked up following an early break, Phil Ivey sat down to find AK in the small blind and a UTG raise from David "Doc" Sands.

Ivey 3-bet, naturally, and is met by a four-bet from Sands. What does Ivey do next? Makes the fold and winks at someone at the table as the cards are gathered for the next hand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Phil Ivey. Easy decision, though, he says:

He doesn't always make the right fold, but when he does he really looks good doing it. Clip starts at 3 min below:

3) Connor Drinan $1m Bad Beat Wasn't THAT Bad

Oh it was an atrocious beat alright. And we were one of the first to call it that when it happened.

Now that the whole world has seen it and Connor Drinan has temporarily replaced Carter Gill as the unluckiest poker player in the world, there's a pretty important fact being left out of the story though.

Connor Drinan didn't buy in to the $1m Big One for One Drop with his own money. Or not $1m of it anyway.

Drinan and Erick Lindgren finished 1-2 in the $25k Big One satellite to earn seats in the $1m tournament, meaning his investment was minimal and his subsequent ease at taking the huge beat was, well, more understandable.

Yes. Definitely a huge beat considering the equity lost and potential winfall if he'd gone on to win or cash. But there's a pretty good reason there weren't any theatrics.

He didn't actually "lose" $1m exactly. Watch the clip below:

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