Daily 3-Bet: Phil Punts Again, Holz v. Degens, No Rap No Gamble

Fedor Holz
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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a dreamy sax line, a tinkle of wind chimes and the dulcet tones of the smoothest of afternoon poker news crooners.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth blowing through buy-ins, Fedor Holz throwing down the WSOP gauntlet and Brandon Cantu figures out the key to poker aggression.

1) Hellmuth Out Another $100k

Phil Hellmuth is nothing if not honest about his trials and tribulations in poker and, as we saw this past week, not afraid to publicly self-flagellate for a big loss at the tables.

After punting off $140,000 in his NorCal home-game with some of the Silicon Valley's best business minds, Hellmuth got back to his poker peer group with a one-off $100k cash game in Daytona Beach.

Unfortunately - and even with Bill Perkins in the game - things went equally poorly for Hellmuth and he blew through another big buy-in:

As we all know Hellmuth's real bread-and-butter is winning WSOP bracelets so at least he has a full summer of hope ahead. In the interim there's at least the randomness of hanging out with Reality TV's Queen of Versailles:

2) Holz to 'Spewtards': Put Up or Shut Up

German wunderkind Fedor Holz has won more, backed more and impressed more in his short poker career than most players will in a lifetime.

If you've watched him play on cam in the Global Poker League, you know his reputation as a strategy wizard and brilliant poker innovator is well earned.

With a running debate on poker Twitter about the merits of tournament players versus cash-game aces (see Jason Mercier v. Doug Polk), Holz has offered up his position on the matter to the tourney haters:

Takers so far? Looks like Jason Mo and some mixed-game pros but a whole lot of crickets on the NL front. That seems wise.

3) No Gangsta Rap = Super Tight

Has poker pro Brandon Cantu tapped into the secrets of how much music can influence how you play poker?

We don't listen to gangsta rap but we have noticed when we've got Johnny Mathis in the cans we play pretty soft.

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