Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Madness, Vegas Gets Paid, Masters of Poker!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a missed free throw, a hail mary down court and a 35-foot afternoon poker news prayer that thwaps through the twine.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth dropping $20k and some science on sports betting, Las Vegas has its second-most profitable day in history and the Global Poker Masters about to take over the world.

1) Hellmuth: $20k on UK, Hedge

We know Phil Hellmuth has a long history of sports betting but tbh can't say we've ever felt convinced to take his lines.

His recent segment on FoxSportsLive didn't do much to change that as his current plan seems to be to bet $20k on Kentucky at 6-5 to win the NCAA tournament and then hedge his bets so he makes $10k "for sure."

Wisconsin at 8.5-1 and St. John's over Duke seem to be his other favorites which, well ... let's just say we're not SJU believers.

He does talk fairly competently on sportsbetting though, even if in true Hellmuthian style he somehow manages to wrap it around some egregious name-dropping. Check it out below:

2) Vegas Has Second-Most Profitable Day Ever

Speaking of Madness, both March and otherwise ...

If you watched the NCAA action yesterday you know it was another spectacular day of close games, big shots and major upsets as two 14 seeds advanced and underdogs ripped through the bracket like Benny Spindler on a heater.

Timeless Wonder
Big day for Vegas.

As it turns out, that was very good news for Las Vegas as the onslaught of upsets made it one very successful day for the sportsbooks.

How successful? Second-most profitable day in Vegas history successful.

"Very profitable day, historic profitable day from a basketball perspective," Jay Rood, VP of Race/Sports for MGM International, told Yahoo Sports.

"It was the second biggest day aside from a Super Bowl win in the state of Nevada."

Which, wow.

Also: while the country goes wild betting millions on unpaid teenagers, poker players still need to move to Mexico to play a few sit-n-go's with their loose change. Makes sense.

3) Global Poker Masters Ready to Launch!

Some people have doubts about the Global Poker Masters' chances for success; we say, pshaw to that.

A stacked lineup, exciting (if complicated) format and the unparalleled support of Alex Dreyfus and crew means it's going to be a first-rate event from beginning to end.

Hiccups are expected but we have faith it'll be a thrill to watch and a highly anticipated event for years to come. Even better, you can watch it (and bet on it) live as it happens on Twitch.tv.

All the action is set to go starting tomorrow at 12 pm Malta time with live streaming available in five (!) languages. We'll be glued to the stream to see how it all plays out; watch it below:

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