Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Humble, ISPT Fumble, New FTP Jobs

Phil Hellmuth
Just a simple guy, thankful he's amazing.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is just the right amount of false modesty and pathos mixed and served in a novelty afternoon poker news tumbler.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth getting more HumbleBrag kudos, the ISPT dropping an awkward ambassador promo video and the new Full Tilt looking for employees.

1) Hellmuth Humblebragged Again

We're firm believers that Phil Hellmuth is the quintessential Humblebragger so it's always rewarding to see another HB retweet confirm our suspicions.

Highlighted before in the Grantland monthly Humble rankings, Humble Phil was acknowledged again this weekend for a tweet that captures much of the Hellmuthian essence:

Equal parts honest-yet-oblivious and hinting at both famous friends and an amazing life, it's almost the perfect Humblebrag. Almost, but not quite.

One day Phil will put it all together in one tweet but until then his near misses will have to do:

There are so, so many more. Follow Phil here and the HumbleBrag account here.

2) That Awkward Moment When the Grinder Messes Up His Lines

Widely lauded for its original promotional video, the International Stadiums Poker Tour was the talk of the poker world at one point last year.

With a 30 million guarantee, a hyped-up video and an impending deal to buy FTP there was a lot of buzz around the Bernard Tapie Group and its spin-off entity, the ISPT. Today … not so much.

From the kiboshing of the FTP deal to a drop in the guarantee to 20m to now a drop of the main event guarantee entirely, public perception of the inaugural event at Wembley next year is tepid right now.

The signing of several big-name pros including Michael Mizrachi, Sam Trickett, David Benyamine and Liz Lieu staunched the bleeding a bit but another “guarantee” debacle from the sister Partouche group has put the ISPT on shaky ground again.

This video shot at Partouche also likely won’t help their cause much given the overall awkwardness. Here’s hoping it all goes off according to plan but the Grinder’s interview alone is enough to cast some doubts.

If the above video isn't working, check the clip here.

3) New Full Tilt Poker Hiring Again

The exact opposite side of the confidence meter in poker, of course, now belongs to PokerStars.

Full Tilt Poker Viktor
Marketing guy has a lot to live up to.

Paying back all of its US players after Black Friday, swooping in to save the FTP deal, growing the WCOOP, SCOOP and EPT to epic proportions ... there's not much PokerStars seems to do wrong these days.

Case in point is the still-ongoing-but very-real deal to buy Full Tilt Poker, as current job postings are now popping up in advance of the Nov. launch of the new FTP.

The jobs are with what looks to be a renamed Pocket Kings under the banner of Rational FT Services (Ireland) Ltd.

Based in Dublin the company "provides comprehensive services for the Full Tilt Poker gaming platform and its operations" including tournaments, games, rewards and customer support.

If you're in the market for a job with the current most-trusted organization in poker, positions available include:

  • Promotions Manager
  • Product Business Analyst
  • SCM Engineer
  • Internal Tools Developer
  • SQL BI Database Developers
  • Linux Engineer
  • QA Engineer (Automation)
  • C++/Java Developer
  • Application Support Engineer
  • MS.Net Framework Software Engineer

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