Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth High, Galfond Bye, Shrinking Townsend

Phil Galfond
Goodbye, sweet slide.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a shimmering, fig-filled oasis in the midst of the hallucination-inducing afternoon poker news ultra-marathon.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth thrashing his way upwards on the Global Poker Index, Phil Galfond saying goodbye to his New York slide and we track the incredbile shrinking Brian Townsend.

1) Hellmuth Hits Top 10 on GPI, Mercier Back On Top

The latest update to the Global Poker Index was released today and, unsurprisingly, two players who crushed in Cannes are seeing the effects of it.

Phil Hellmuth
Hellmuth rising.

Jason Mercier, who crushed the WSOPE with an 8th-place finish in the main event and several more cashes, is back in the top spot after being briefly usurped by Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier.

The other high-riser is of course WSOPE Main Event champ Phil Hellmuth, he of 13-going-on-24 bracelets, who climbed to his all-time highest rating ever on the GPI in 10th.

The current Top 10 below:

  • #1 (+1) Jason Mercier Pokerstars 2956.35
  • #2 (-1)  Bertrand Grospellier Pokerstars 2780.55
  • #3 (+1) Marvin Rettenmaier PartyPoker.com 2567.87
  • #4 (+4) Stephen O’Dwyer 2561.56
  • #5 —     Andrew Lichtenberger 2550.38
  • #6 —     Philipp Gruissem 2532.39
  • #7 (+2) Michael Mizrachi 2443.11
  • #8 (-1)  Vanessa Selbst Pokerstars 2419.96
  • #9 (+20) Phil Hellmuth 2409.32

See the complete Top 300 here.

2) Galfond Sells Slide Condo, "Least Fun" Person to Remove It

Phil Galfond’s dream of a home with a slide between floors is officially over. For now.

phil galfond 2
Slide free.

Famously buying two NYC condos and joining them with a custom slide, Galfond has had the place on the market as he now spends most of his time in Vancouver to play online.

Originally listed at $3.99 million, the place sold last week for $3.3 million to a Canadian software mogul who told Business Insider that after one last party the slide will be removed and donated to a children's museum or charity.

To which we say, Harumph to you too sir! New York Magazine agrees, calling the buyer the "world's least fun person" and asking, fairly, why buy an apartment with a slide if you're just going to get rid of it?

While we're sure, deep down, something has now died inside Galfond he doesn't seem too, too broken up about it:

3) Brian Townsend Goes Runner, Runner

Tiny Brian Townsend

We mentioned Brian “Sbrugby” Townsend’s epic training for an upcoming Sahara ultra marathon in a previous post but his latest update has staggered us again.

To recap: Townsend, formerly one of the best online high-stakes players in the world, is preparing to run 250km across the Sahara Desert, self-supported, over 7 days.

That's not a typo.

His training, naturally, is similarly daunting. In the last week alone Townsend says he's run almost 100 miles with a 15lb pack on his back - most of it on a sandy beach.

As to be expected, given the pic he posted (see left), he looks like that's exactly what he's been doing.

Townsend says he’s hoping to finish the Sahara race in under 45 hours – a pace of 17 minutes per mile.

Which is, well, insane. Maybe poker does teach you something about mental stamina. Read his latest blog post about it here.

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