Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth GOAT, durrrr Regrets, Gus Fights

Gus Hansen
More Gus, please.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three rounds of stone-handed body shots wearing blandness into submission in the afternoon poker news slugfest.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth cementing the GOAT title, Tom “durrrr” Dwan offering up his regrets about Howard Lederer and Full Tilt Poker and Gus Hansen getting pummeled in the ring.

1) Phil Hellmuth: Greatest of All Time. Period. (Maybe.)

Phil Hellmuth
GOAT on a rampage.

You know, if Phil Hellmuth keeps dominating the World Series of Poker like he has the past two years, it’s only going to get harder to deny he’s the greatest tournament poker player of all time, bar none.

We all know about the 12 bracelets, the 95 cashes, the "white magic"… but let’s not sleep on the rebirth of Hellmuth as a major tournament force in the past 18 months. Since last year alone:

  • 16 WSOP(E) cashes including FT in this year’s WSOPE Main Event
  • 1 WSOP gold bracelet in Seven-Card Razz
  • Three 2nd-place finishes in non-hold’em events including the $50k Players Championship
  • A 4th-place finish in the $1 million Big One for One Drop
  • Over $4.5 million in cashes

Sounds like the greatest tournament player of all-time in his prime if you ask us.

Using an unorthodox game Daniel Negreanu calls “a different brand of poker” Hellmuth just keeps going deep in tournaments.

Now with the chip lead going into the WSOPE main event final table, several scenarios involving a fourth-place finish or higher will also grab him the 2012 WSOP POY.

Let that all sink in for a bit, haters. Check the recap of Hellmuth's parade to the FT today here and catch the GOAT on the final-table live stream tomorrow starting at 8 am ET.

2) Durrrr on Howard: "Seems Like He Tried to Do the Right Thing"

Tom Dwan
Regrets? He's had a few.

As a poker player, it’s hard not to love durrrr.

Beyond the buzz he’s brought to the high-stakes cash games and the one-of-a-kind talent he brings to the tables, he was pushed into an uncomfortable position as a defacto spokesman for FTP after Black Friday and handled himself graciously.

He’s also one of the few to step up and take personal responsibility for the mess – even though his culpability is questionable.

Speaking to PokerListings on a break today in Cannes, durrrr again proved himself a voice of reason on the most recent FTP revelations and the Lederer Files:

“It’s a really complicated situation, and I’m not sure obviously, but it seemed like he tried to do the right thing,” said Dwan.

“He was in a bunch of tough spots and I rushed to conclusions on some of it – like a lot of people did, I think. A few of the things I thought he did maliciously or wrong ended up being pretty clearly disproven.”

Read his full thoughts on the matter here including his own regrets and Gus Hansen's new deal with the new FTP.

3) Reliving the Gus Hansen/Theo Jorgenson Charity Fight

Speaking of the Great Dane, we hope now that he's returning to the FTP fold we see him back in the publicity spotlight more often.

Nevermind the awesomeness that was gushansentv, remember when he went three slaphappy rounds with Theo Jorgensen in 2009?

That was great. Stay tuned in particular for Gus's speech at the end.

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