Daily 3-Bet: Harman Out, Lederer Fib, Metalhead Poker

Jen Harman
Jennifer Harman: Not happy with someone.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a cryptic missive launched into the ether that may or may not bring the whole afternoon poker news empire down from the inside.

Probably not, though.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Jennifer Harman calling out an as-yet-to-be-identified poker entity for sliminess, Black Friday indictee Chad Elie starting up a Twitter account to ostensibly expose Howard Lederer's fibs and heavy metal poker fans finally get their space to grind.

1) Harman Plans to Out Slimy People in Poker

There’s a reason Jennifer Harman was one of the 10 finalists for the 2012 Poker Hall of Fame induction class.

Several reasons, actually. One of the top poker players of all time, male or female, she’s been a player in the highest-stakes games in the world for well over 20 years.

She's also, by most accounts, one of the nicest people in poker. And unless you’ve done something to harm animals, it's not very likely she'd call you out publicly for a minor transgression.

So something really must have got under her skin to inspire a still-anonymous Twitter callout on Saturday to select slimy people in the poker world:

She hasn’t confirmed just who she’s referring to but if we had to fathom a guess it may have something to do with the man we’ll talk about in the blurb below.

2) Elie Starts @BlackFridayChad, Calls Out Lederer, Lawyers

Elie's side not so secret anymore.

It might be entirely unrelated, but suspiciously arising out of the ether just before Harman's tweet is a much-buzzed about Twitter account now confirmed to be that of Black Friday indictee Chad Elie.

Tweeting under the handle @BlackFridayChad, Elie has released a deluge of documents, emails and pics exposing some potential fibs and mistruths in the Full Tilt operation.

He specifically calls into question Howard Lederer's claim in his recent interviews that he never met any payment processors (save, of course, that famous “one time … at a party.”)

Elie has officially pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to violate the IGBA and bank fraud and has been sentenced to five months in prison beginning January 3.

While Harman doesn’t explicitly state Elie by name, as a former FTP pro and shareholder it’s not too much of a leap to think it may be related.

As Harman said in her Tweet, stay tuned. This could get even uglier.

3) Metalheads Unite, Grind Online

Scott Ian
Metalheads, lock horns.

On a lighter-yet-still-heavy note (CWIDT?), metalheads around the web have a new place to play poker with fellow longhairs.

Launched by Nuclear Blast Records, the new Nuclear Blast Poker "allows all metalheads to congregate, meet new like-minded people, compete for stellar prizes and live-out their passion for metal fashion.”

The free-to-play site will offer casual tournaments and hardcore avatars, among other things.

It'll also give fans the chance to play with/meet some of their heavy metal icons including Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Threshold’s Damian Wilson.

Said Ian, a WSOP regular and known poker nut, in the release:

"I am excited and curious to meet our fans on Nuclear Blast Poker and I can't wait to see who's got the skills to beat me on some of the tables."

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