Daily 3-Bet: Harder Haunted, ISPT Freefall, EPT Ferrari Service

Ride like a PokerStar.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a one-hand-on-the-wheel, breakneck drive up the coast in the trunk of a fully-loaded afternoon poker news Gremlin.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find online poker legend Christian Harder reflecting on a misplayed hand from six months ago, the ISPT jumping into the final month before its debut event with both feet and the EPT showing why players love its events so much with a Ferrari Spider concierge service for the EPT Grand Final.

1) Christian Harder Haunted by WPT Montreal Hand

Christian Harder
Charder: Looking back in anger.

Well "haunted" is probably a bit of a reach. But the point is still the same.

If you wonder how the best in the game become - and stay - the best, it's in large part due to an almost obsessive nature to think and re-think virtually every hand they've ever played.

And then play it better the next time.

It's hard to believe an online poker legend like Christian "charder" Harder even makes mistakes, but in a spur-of-the-moment blog post today he revisited a hand from WPT Montreal last year that's been bugging him ever since.

It's a pretty unique and high-level breakdown, sure, so it's not the most relevant for micro-stakes grinders.

But again, as we always say, when the best players in the world are willing to open up their thought processes you can't help but learn something.

2) ISPT Team Freefall "into" Wembley Stadium

Truth be told if you saw the headline "ISPT Freefall" six months ago, we'd bet you'd think it was an entirely different type of freefall than the one you'll find below.

After a series of missteps, sidesteps and outright falsehoods, the fledgling International Stadiums Poker Tour looked to be on its last legs more than a few times.

Today, just a month from its inaugural event at London's Wembley Stadium on May 31, the new ISPT team - headlined by new TD Simon Trumper and Brit poker golden boy Sam Trickett - are jumping out of planes in anticipation:

Looks like the confidence level is up and momentum is building. We're also looking forward to seeing how this plays out but even (especially?) on the back of jacket we're still flummoxed by the "We Wemplay" slogan.

We play in Wembley - like footballers? We play like a stadium?

3) Drive a Ferrari Spider at EPT Grand Final

Insert poker player here.

There's a reason poker players the world over love playing European Poker Tour events. The definition of "player-friendly," the PokerStars/EPT staff always go the extra mile to make sure players have the experience of a lifetime at every event.

And not just the high-rollers either - each and every player is a "star" on the EPT and it's surprising how much it really feels like it. It's a profitable approach to the business, sure. But it's pretty win-win.

Case in point is the latest perk offered at the upcoming Grand Final in Monaco. Perfectly suited to the ultra-flashy locale, you can get a spin/drive a Ferrari Spider with the help of the EPT concierge service. What'll it cost you?

  • 15 minutes as a co-pilot: €79
  • 15 minutes as a pilot: €134
  • 30 minutes as a co-pilot: €169
  • 30 minutes as a pilot: €229
  • 1 hour as a co-pilot: €290
  • 1 hour as a pilot: €409

Add €60 and you can get a video to take home with you. More on what else you can get hooked up with at the EPT Grand Final here.

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