Daily 3-Bet: Halfway to NHL, ElkY Hits Twitch, Poker Life Lessons

ElkY: Born to stream.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the push for a Las Vegas NHL franchise off to a good start, gaming legend Bertrand Grospellier gets back to his roots and we mull over poker's life lessons.

1) 5,000 Tickets Sold in 36 Hours

Daniel Negreanu
DNegs feeling good about NHL in Vegas.

Does Las Vegas really stand a chance of getting its own NHL franchise? Daniel Negreanu put his faith in it at 92.4%. Others thought it might take a year to meet the 10k season-ticket reqs.

The reality might lie somewhere in the middle after the opening season-ticket blitz resulted in 5,000 deposits on tickets since things opened up on Tuesday.

A good start, for sure. But given the low barrier to entry (people can put as little as $150 down as a deposit) and comparing it to, say, Winnipeg, where tickets sold in literally seconds it's still tough to peg its ultimate chance of success.

With an annual visitor base of 40m people it's hard not to believe it wouldn't work. But a lot is still relying on the initial push of the 75 local leaders the Foley-Maloof ownership group tasked to bring in 60 deposits each.

One of those 75? Poker's own Daniel Negreanu, who may in fact be one of the four that's already brought in more than 100 deposits.

Follow Negreanu on Twitter for updates; check out the arena seating plan and make a deposit on Vegaswantshockey.com.

2) ElkY Plays Flash Series on Twitch

Want to watch PokerStars Team pro and Starcraft legend Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier live stream some poker on Twitch.tv? Of course you do.

ElkY's live right now playing something called the Flash Series on PokerStars.fr and, man, does he looks comfortable in that headset.

The emo music is pumping, souls are being owned and the poker jokes are flying in the chat. What's not to love? Click on the pic below to go to the stream.


3) What Have You Learned About Life Through Poker?

What have you learned through poker?

Love this small but personal thread on 2+2 about Life Lessons Learned through poker.

The answers range from pure trolls (of course) to "never play poker to begin with" but we've always been big believers poker is an apt metaphor for life.

Some of our favorite answers so far:

  • Any leak, as small as it can be, will cost you
  • Time is more valuable than money
  • Life is a game of incomplete information
  • Variance happens
  • Learn to accept failure

What have you learned from poker? Let us know in the comments.

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