Daily 3-Bet: Gus v durrrr, FTP Report, Racener Movie?

John Racener
RCNR: Not a vowel fan.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a late afternoon, hand-holding paddleboat cruise around the man-made poker news lagoon.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan pushing big chips around in Macau again, an independent report on Full Tilt's licensing and regulation and a too-good-to-be-true John Racener movie trailer.

1) Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan Pushing Chips in Macau

After a month or so off, Danish poker icon Gus Hansen has arrived back at the big games in Macau – and he likes what he’s found so far.

Gus Hansen macau
Gus: Back in action.

Reporting back to Danish poker site pokernyhederne.com via text message, Gus says the action has been plentiful and a few usual suspects have been at the tables:

"After a month without any form of poker, I'm back where stakes are high and everyone loves to gamble. Yes, you guessed it, I'm in Macau.

"I have just sat at the table for my first session and apart from a local talent, we have a lot of well known high-stakes names, among others, Sam Trickett and Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan."

With blinds at 10k/20k and a 40k HK$ straddle, it's also no surprise some big pots have been exchanged.

Hansen says he won a $4m HKD pot after flopping a full house but promptly blew a few million on an ill–timed river bet drawing dead against durrrr:

“I had planned it from the beginning, a continuation bet on the flop, followed by another bet on the turn, and when he called both bets would I give up on the river.

“'Durrrr' called, but when the river came my opinion was he was on a draw. Since I couldn't beat ace-high, I decided to send yet another bet.

“A HK $ 1.7 million river-bluff, but a quick call from 'durrrr' sent all the chips in the wrong direction.”

More reports from Gus at Pokernyhederne here.

2) AGCC: Full Tilt Regulation “Appropriate, Timely and Fair”

Howard Lederer
AGCC: Timely and fair.

An independent review of the Alderney Gaming Control Commission and its licensing of Full Tilt Poker was released today and it came to some surprising conclusions.

Done by former UK Gambling Commission chairman Peter Dean, the report generally supported the AGCC for its supervision of the FTP licensing process and said it also acted "promptly and proportionately” when irregularities arose.

Of particular note, when addressing how a company accepting "unlawful" business from the US could keep its license, Dean states:

In the first place, UIGEA does not define what constitutes an unlawful transaction. Secondly, there are numerous US legal opinions, some procured at the behest of FTP and others obtained independently, as well as two US court judgments, to the effect that the operation of poker on the internet is not unlawful under US federal law or under the laws of most states in the US.

Part of the rationale for these opinions is that poker is predominantly a game of skill rather than chance.

Thirdly and in any case, AGCC takes the view, as do other reputable gambling regulators, that it cannot be responsible for interpreting or enforcing the laws of other jurisdictions. Instead it places the onus on licensed operators, as is made clear in the licence conditions, to conduct their operations in compliance with local laws.

The full report and its accompanying press release from the AGCC can be found here.

3) Racener Movie "On The Line" Still Coming Out?

This trailer has been kicking around since last December, posted by 2010 WSOP runner-up John Racener himself, but no word has followed as to when and if we can still expect it.

To which we say please, please let this movie come out. Among the trailer lines to look forward to:

  • "(shirtless) I came into the tournament in 4th place, I want to come out in one."
  • "When John drinks he gets really stupid. It's his downfall."
  • "Envelopes full of money. It's a nice life."

If you know anything more about this movie, please let us know. Enjoy the trailer below:

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