Daily 3-Bet: Gus Flips, Tatjana Dips, Iveygrams

Now second-best pic of Tatjana Pasalic.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a three-act revival of Sweet Bird of Youth that brings down the house at the afternoon poker news theater.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Gus Hansen flipping flags and claiming the UK vs. Ireland heads-up title at FTP Galway, Tatjana Pasalic taking a dip for the latest Bluff Magazine cover and Phil Ivey joins Instagram. No, really. Phil Ivey joined Instagram.

1) Gus Turns Coats, Battles for Ireland

Top of the morning.

So Day 4 of the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival is done and Event #8, the UK vs. Ireland Heads Up Championship, has named its champ.

Who is it? Denmark's Gus Hansen, of course.

We're still a bit unsure how it came about but from what we can tell Hansen flipped colors for this one and played for Ireland in the first-ever incarnation of the UK v. Ireland challenge.

Taking out five opponents along on the way (and playing for 24 combined hours over two days), Hansen finally dispatched Dave Nicholson heads-up to win it all and earn €16,151.

Which seems like a long way to go for €16k for Gus Hansen, sure, but what do we know. It seems like a super fun event with plenty of pints, bridge and pool tournaments mixed in.

Oh, and shortly after winning the final match Gus went leprechaun for the winner's photo here, so we win too. That photo is gold.

Plenty of action remains at the 60-tournament series that wraps with the $1 million guaranteed UKIPT Main Event. Details here.

2) Tatjana Pasalic Hits the Pool for Bluff Cover

We've seen a lot of pictures of Bodog rep/poker hostess Tatjana Pasalic taken over the years but this one -- for the cover of the newest edition of Bluff Magazine -- might be the best yet.


Well played, Bluff, well played. Access more pics via the Bluff mobile app here.

3) Ivey Joins Instagram, Posts Pics from Beach House

No one will ever mistake Phil Ivey for being a social media powerhouse.

He still hasn't figured Twitter out, that's for sure. But you at least have to give him credit for trying.

Not exactly the most social guy to begin with, Ivey has put his stake into a new "social training" site so he's got to at least make it seem like he's into connecting with the kids/fans.

His latest foray? An Instagram account, which he started up yesterday and posted four pics to so far - all from his beach house in Cabo.

It still feels a little awkward, sure, but it's the best we've seen since Life of Ivey. And we'll take what we can get. Bonus points if you find the girl in the bikini. Samples below.

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