Daily 3-Bet: Gus Battle, Glantz Bash, Devilfish Pawn

Gus Hansen
$100k and a shot at Gus? Yes please.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is some knuckle rings, a book of pickup lines and six cents on the dollar at the afternoon poker news pawn shop.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new Full Tilt Poker TV show with $250,000 and a shot at Gus Hansen on the line, Gavin Smith rips Matt Glantz a new one for a loose call on Poker Night in America and Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott's namesake poker site sold for pennies.

1) Full Tilt Poker Pro Battle Offers Up Gus Hansen, Quarter Mill

Alexander Kravchenko
Take a shot at the barnacle.

Before we get too far into this we should say up front it's only open to "players in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltics."

Given our marginal grasp of Eastern geography we're of course not 100% on exactly which countries that entails. Russia, yes. Ukraine, yes. Lithuania? Latvia? Estonia? Kyrgyzstan?

Whatever the case if you live in one of those places you might get to take on some well-known poker pros on a new TV show called Full Tilt Poker Pro Battle.

The show will be shot in Kiev with Team PokerStars Pro players Alexander Kravchenko, Ivan Demidov, Maksim Lykov and Eugene Katchalov confirmed to participate.

A total prize pool of $150k is up for grabs with $35k for first. The overall winner then gets to go heads up with Gus Hansen for an extra $100,000. Which is, really, pretty awesome.

Twelve $3k packages to play on the show can be won on Full Tilt Pokeras we speak. If you live in one of those glorious states (and we assume you know who you are), check it out via Full Tilt Poker here.

2) Gavin Smith on Matt Glantz Call: "Awful Beyond Belief"

0039 Gavin Smith
Ole G.: Doesn't like the call.

We're not going to sum this one up too much as reading the full Gavin Smith take is much better than we can hope to recreate.

Anyway, Smith put a post up today on All In Mag thrashing fellow pro Matt Glantz for the way he played a hand at the recent Poker Night in America taping at Turning Stone in NY. Smith's take, in short:

"Mathematically speaking, I believe it’s a horrendous call. I have nothing but respect for Matt, but I honestly think this call was awful beyond belief.

"And I don’t believe it’s a call he would have ever made had it not been on television. Is there value in running Gavin Smith off a hand on television? Maybe. Is there value in looking crazy on television? Maybe.

"Is there value in being able to turn over the five of hearts on television? Maybe. Those are all values that you get from the hand, but they’re personal values—not direct monetary values."

3) Devilfish Poker Sold for £1

david ulliott 2

We have absolutely zero detail on this other than this short blurb posted on Pokerfuse:

"The Weather Lottery plc (TWL) has proposed to sell Devil Fish Poker for the sum of £1. TWL bought Devilfish Gaming three years ago for £330k."

Somehow it just seemed like something worth spending a second or two thinking about.

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