Daily 3-Bet: Gus and Viktor Gone, Nov. 9 Odds, Get In(to) the Cage

Mark Newhouse
Newhouse at 5-1? Let me think on it.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an unorthodox line, a hidden button under the table and a 100% chance you'll end up in the afternoon poker news cage.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find confirmation of Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom's Full Tilt departure, the odds for the November Nine take shape and PokerStars' Shark Cage debuts in the UK.

1) Rumors Are True

Gus Hansen
We knew it was coming, but doesn't hurt any less.

Remember this from yesterday?

Turns out it's all true. Gus Hansen and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom are no longer Full Tilt Professionals.

In a statement to media outlets Full Tilt said officially that the sponsorships "expired" and the decision "follows a year-long review of the Full Tilt brand and a decision to move away from pro-centric advertising to focus on the experiences and stories of the vast majority of our players."

Which sounds about right, tbh. As much as we love Gus and Viktor the pro-based model does seem to be out of touch with the average punter looking to take a stab at some quick casino games.

Full Tilt also said a new marketing campaign is ready to launch that will instead focus on the "excitement, fun, and intrinsic enjoyment of playing our poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots games."

Oddly The Professionals bio page is still live and linked from the FullTilt.com footer but we assume it be taken down shortly. For one last look at the handsome mugs of Blom and Hansen, check it out here.

2) American at +150 to Win WSOP Main Event

If you like betting on poker - and we do - you'll be interested to see the current lines on the November Nine taking shape as we get ever closer to the final playdown.

According to OddsShark.com these are the numbers right now:

Martin Jacobson
Jacobson: Worth a look at 8-1?

  • Jorryt van Hoof (38,375,000 chips) - 57/20
  • Felix Stephensen (32,775,000 chips) - 4/1
  • Mark Newhouse (26,000,000 chips) - 5/1
  • Andoni Larrabe (22,550,000 chips) - 7/1
  • Dan Sindelar (21,200,000 chips) - 15/2
  • Martin Jacobson (14,900,000 chips) - 8/1
  • Billy Pappas (17,500,000 chips) - 10/1
  • William Tonking (15,050,000 chips) - 12/1
  • Bruno Politano (12,125,000 chips) - 16/1

Bovada is also offering +150 for a bet on whether one of the four Americans - Newhouse, Sindelar, Pappas or Tonking - will take it down.

At those odds it's hard not to want to take a flier on Newhouse, who's the only one whose been there before, and Jacobson, who might be the best player at the table. More on SBNation here.

3) Get In the Cage!

We've seen the tweets, watched the teasers and even physically seen the sets/glimpses of the action while we've been at EPT events this Season. Now we're ready to see PokerStars' Shark Cage TV Show hit the air as debuts on Channel 4 in the UK tonight.

What exactly is this guy sittting beside Jason Alexnader fiddling with under the table? Tune in to find out!

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