Daily 3-Bet: Gus and Blom Out, DNegs Agreements, Tears of a Champ

Gus Hansen
Time for change at FTP?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom disappearing from the Full Tilt Poker front page, Daniel Negreanu explains poker's four agreements and Sebastian Pauli gets overwhelmed at EPT London.

1) Gus and Viktor Moving On?

Viktor Blom
At EPT London, but hardly visible.

Speculation has circulated for a while about the fate of Gus Hansen and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom as the faces of Full Tilt Poker and it feels like the shoe may be about to drop.

Or, you know, maybe not.

The FullTilt.com site was updated last week and while their profiles are still live - and nothing official has been announced - the two are not to be found on the front page except for a small link to The Professionals page in the footer.

This has seemed in the works for some time now, really, with Hansen on an epic losing streak and bailing on a recent Challenge planned between the two pros.

Blom has continued his high-stakes play more or less unabated but, never one to have a high profile in the media anyway, has rarely made appearances bearing the FTP patch.

He was at the recent EPT London with a patch on (at least briefly) but declined interview requests.

While it's not much of surprise it does seem like an official severing of the ties between the old Full Tilt Poker and the new Amaya/PokerStars driven FTP might be coming. More speculation on the split here.

2) Stick to Your Word; Don't Make Assumptions

Want to have the same kind of success in life and in poker as Daniel Negreanu?

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu: Agrees to agreements.

Pretty simple really. Stick to these Four Agreements originally written by Don Miguel Ruiz and adapted to poker by Negreanu in a recent blog post:

  • 1) Be Impeccable with Your Word
  • 2) Don't Take Anything Personally
  • 3) Don't Make Assumptions
  • 4) Always Do Your Best

There's a bit more to it than that, we suppose (namely 20 years of high-stakes poker against the best players in the world), but still.

Definitely a nice jumping off point for some life-changing steps if you're looking for it. Read the full post here.

3) It Still Means a Lot to Win an EPT Title

Think Sebastian Pauli was a bit thrilled to win his first ever EPT title and £499k this weekend?

And they say Germans are emotionally closed off. Psssh. Congratulations to Pauli on an incredible achievement:

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