Daily 3-Bet: Greenstein Sinker, Antonius Thinker, Why Play Poker?

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Big pots make a difference even to big pros.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a puffy shirt, $1m in cash bricks and a once-in-a-lifetime shot at some eternal afternoon poker news equity.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Barry Greenstein revealing the consequences of a big High Stakes Poker hand, Patrik Antonius gets put to a $300k test by Doug Polk and a moment to think about why we play poker at all.

1) BG: Big Pot Changed Things

GSN's High Stakes Poker was a game-changer in TV poker for a lot of reasons - not the least of which was actually watching $500k+ pots change hands in real life.

While we watched and marvelled at some of its most famous moments, including Brad Booth's legendary $1m bluff against Phil Ivey, we didn't spend much time thinking about the consequences of those big pots for the participants.

For some it might have been just a casual flutter for a bottomless bankroll. For others those pots really did make a big difference in their lives going forward.

Case in point: Barry Greenstein, who hinted a $600k pot he played with Antonio Esfandiari on HSP changed the futures of both of them:

Interesting break down of the hand from Antonio's perspective here; episode below.

2) Polk Tests Antonius with $300k Overbet at Aussie Millions

Speaking of huge cash games featuring great and/or rich players ... have you seen the Aussie Millions Cash Game broadcast this year?

Very fun to watch, save for (or maybe because) some of Rono Lo's facial expressions. Great poker all over it, though, including a huge $500k+ pot between high-stakes ingenue Doug Polk and the legendary Patrik Antonius. Watch the hand below starting at 20m:

3) Why DO We Play Poker?

Great post/question from All In Magazine's Chris Tessaro to mull over as you head to the weekend:

Why, exactly, do we do this? Oh right.

Why, exactly, do we play poker at all?

Money. Challenge. Ego. Fame. Conversation.

Any one of them - or all of them at the same time - can apply, usually within the space of just one session.

If we had to pick one reason why we play...? Wearing sunglasses indoors. Definitely. That, or money.

What are your reasons for playing poker? Let us know in the comments.

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