Daily 3-Bet: Greenstein Billions, Boeree Fail, Sara Chafak Remix!


The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a rented yacht, an industrial-sized tub of lonkku and one continuous application of afternoon poker news sunburn cream.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Barry Greenstein straight owning the Sunday Billion on PokerStars, Liv Boeree loses her footing and sudden poker sensation Sara Chafak gets the remix treatment.

1) Greenstein Wins 2nd Sunday Billion in 5 Weeks

Barry Greenstein
Sees your $100m and raises you to half billion.

He hasn't had a *really* big score on the live tournament scene for awhile now but don't ever forget Barry Greenstein is a total boss at poker.

One of the original poker "stars," thanks to his major TV time and his "Robin Hood of Poker" archetype, BG is and always will be a poker player of the highest order.

He's played in the highest-stakes cash games around the world - not to mention High Stakes Poker, the best show in the history of televised poker - but he clearly still loves the game enough to step up to the play-money tables on PokerStars every weekend for the Sunday Billion.

The play-chip equivalent to the Sunday Million, the Sunday Billion has a 1m-chip buy-in and a 1bn-chip prize pool, making it the king of play-money tournaments.

Greenstein has now won it twice in the past five weeks - a pretty stunning accomplishment. As you know if you've ever tried play-money poker, it's a truly wild and unpredictable affair.

Check the recap of Greenstein's latest win here and our 2012 mini-documentary on Greenstein here.

2) Liv Boeree Spins to Win

Liv Boeree went to Burning Man this summer and, as she told us at EPT London this fall, it completely changed her outlook on life and poker.

For one, she said, she learned a lot about selflessness and sharing with/being a part of a larger community. For another, she's more comfortable than ever with herself and the idea of letting things go and getting on with it.

She gives us a lesson in both here. She's clearly as comfortable poking fun at herself as she is just being out in the world. And we all know where that leads us in poker, too.

We wouldn't at all be surprised to see another big score on the horizon for Boeree.

3) $ara Chafak Gets Remixed!

If you enjoyed watching Sara Chafak (aka Miss Finland 2012) on last week's episode of the Shark Cage, you're not alone.

Her unorthodox play and complete flummoxing of pro Ronnie Bardah in a big hand made her the talk of the poker town, so to speak. The forums lit up with discussions about her (and her play) an, in short, her appearance was a breath of fresh air in a game which has been known to take itself a little too seriously.

We hope her success (she finished second to Kara Scott in the SNG) portends an increased presence on the poker scene as she was a delight to watch.

If it doesn't, at least we'll always have that Shark Cage and this tribute to her in Finnish rap form (note: we assume there's some inappropriate language in here). Tell us there wasn't a whole lot of sunburn on that set when shooting was over. Enjoy!

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