Daily 3-Bet: GPL Sleepers, Salsberg Weeper, Fedor Crashes in NZ

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Don't let the sadness win.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a rented tux, a free glass of champers and a star-making turn as an afternoon poker news award show seat-filler.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some intriguing latecomers for the GPL draft, Matt Salsberg on the edge of tears and Fedor Holz risking bodily harm in New Zealand.

1) Olivier Busquet Anyone?

The list of 203 eligible players for today's Global Poker League draft has been out for a week now and Managers have likely pored over it dozens of times to eye potential draftees.

Only hitch? Apparently not all of the eligible names made it to the list:

With one of the best heads-up players in the world in Busquet now up for grabs that likely won't make things any easier for Chris Moneymaker:

Draft begins at 1:30 pm today from Los Angeles and will be live streamed right here. Check our cheat sheet and American Poker Awards guide here.

2) Get That Man a Ticket

As one of the funniest people in poker - and a former WPT Player of the Year - Weeds writer Matt Salsberg would be a pretty solid pick for any team in the GPL draft.

Dozens of impossibly talented players will leave disappointed today, though, and Salsberg is prepared with a pretty good plan B:

3) Is There a Clause in the GPL Contract for That?

Young German superstar Fedor Holz is a lock to go in the first 10 picks of today's draft and is clearly looking forward to getting involved in the project, wherever he lands:

By the looks of this video he just posted, though, his Team Manager might want to work something into his contract about personal injury. This is a standing-up league, after all:

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