Daily 3-Bet: GPL Cover Boys, Poker's Tour Guide, Antonio is Magic

Mr. October.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a waft of dry ice, a medium-speed wind machine and just the right light for your afternoon poker news centerfold.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some poker blue steel in the forecast, a nod to an important poker milestone and a return to his roots for Antonio Esfandiari.

1) Calendar Boys of GPL

The idea popped up on the Poker Life Podcast with Mike "Timex" McDonald and Global Poker League CEO Alex Dreyfus, never one to shun a good idea, looks like he's going to make it happen:

Personally, the blue steel of Timex and FDawg don't touch our hearts quite as much as the mustachioed magic of Rome Emporer Mustapha Kanit, but we do agree the idea is a gem.

Put us down for a dozen and we can call our Christmas shopping over ahead of schedule.

2) Jason Somerville: Your Tour Guide to Poker

Jason Somerville
And on your right you'll see ...

Lost a bit in the hoohah over PokerStars finally returning in an officially licensed capacity to the United States on Monday was poker's #1 Twitch streamer, Jason Somerville, also passing 10m viewers.

A phenomenal number any way you look at it, but especially with online poker in the US on lockdown for the past five years.

As Somerville explains in a new interview with Card Player, though, his purpose is much bigger than just piling up viewers and subscribers for his own channel.

He also serves as a de facto tour guide to the game, drawing in a whole new demographic to poker:

"I’ve answered tens of thousands of questions that would be considered as stone-novice. I mean, What’s the button? What’s an ante? What’s the blind?’ I’ve answered that question more than anybody else on planet earth, I’m pretty sure.

"I feel like I’m the tour guide for the game, so it’s up to me to show people why this game is so fun and to educate them. People often ask why poker is illegal to play. ‘Well it isn’t illegal to play in almost every state in the United States.’

"There is a lot of education that can be done and advocacy, and I end up fulfilling that role a lot. It’s a unique position to be in, but it’s a lot of fun."

Congrats on an epic milestone. And thanks for all of the hard work.

3) Antonio's Heart Still Belongs to Magic

As we've all heard a million times before on poker shows, Antonio Esfandiari's first love before poker was, of course, magic.

As they say old loves never fade and, despite his countless poker projects including co-hosting the new PNIA Final Table show and tuning up for the $300k Super High Roller Bowl this summer, he still finds time to squeeze a few tricks in.

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