Daily 3-Bet: GPL 3v3, Str. Flush > Quads, Cody Blows a Tire

That doesn't sound good.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a terrible bang, a blinking light on the dash but no sweat broken getting the afternoon poker news Pinto back on the highway.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the Global Poker League playoff format set, a huge hand at WPT Montreal and Jake Cody starts vlogging in style.

1) 3v3, Best of 5

Now that the Nov. 9 is over and another record-breaking Battle of Malta is complete, the next big poker happening on our radar is the first-ever Global Poker League playoffs.

Galfond has to be in, right?

It'll go down over three days from Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in the GPL's Las Vegas studios, replete with the return of The Cube and $100,000 awarded to the winning team.

It won't, however, come with all of the players - or even all players on the rosters of the playoff teams.

Much like the playoff cull from six teams to four, only three players (with a 4th 'alternate' available) from each squad will compete in the playoffs.

Each Conference round will be ‘Best of Five’ and feature heads-up matches between three players on each side. The fourth alternate can be subbed in before the start of a new round only.

The Championship will then be the same 3v3 but Best of 9. Here's how things'll look when they get started with the higher-ranked team having a chip advantage:

Who are your top 3 for each team?

2) When Turned Quads Just Aren't Good Enough

No matter how long you play poker it never gets less exciting to see a massive hand play out with an extraordinary board leaving players in the hand (and out) shaking their heads in disbelief.

We had our own crazy run-out at the 2016 Battle of Malta that left everybody speechless and Spain's Gonzalo Fernandez raising his arms in disgust.

Brian Hastings shared his latest from WPT Montreal yesterday where we're sure the dude with quads is still lamenting his run bad to this very second.


Somebody get that man an 888poker Bad Beat Can, asap! At last check Hastings was still making good use of those chips as he's now up to around 140k on Day 2 with 196 players left. Follow the live updates from Montreal right here.

3) Jake Blows a Tire, Wins $7k

A couple of key takeaways from this great new vlog pilot from PokerStars Pro Jake Cody:

1) Just watching someone change a tire on the side of the highway makes you feel more manly

2) Live Florida cash games are basically an Early Bird Special, and

3) Jake Cody is really good at vlogging. Great personal/poker stuff combined into one in this cool format. Would watch again. Check it out below:

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