Daily 3-Bet: Good vs. Great, Vienna Flipout, The Kravchenko Phase

Alex Kravchenko
The Alex Kravchenko experience.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a well-earned min-cash, an itch to drink and an overwhelming urge to shove jacks from afternoon poker news middle position.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Mercier (by way of B.C) explaining the difference between good poker players and great poker players, Full Tilt Poker's new Flipout format creating some buzz in Vienna and poker's post-bubble phase getting a re-brand.

1) Great Poker Players Don't Need Jobs

H/t to PokerStars pro Jason Mercier for finding this illuminating and perspective-reminding gem from the comic B.C.:


Right, back to work then ...

2) Full Tilt Flipouts Big Hit in Vienna

Full Tilt Poker's new "Flipout" tournament format was unveiled last week and by all accounts is making a pretty big splash so far. In case you missed it: The basic twist is players at each table "flip" for their lives on the first hand of the tournament.

Those who make it through immediately make the money and then play out the tournament as if it's any other regular tournament. Pretty sweet format if you're tight on time and like a bit of gamble; not such a great format if you're terrible at flips (we're amazing at them so it works for us).

Getting the poker world a little more comfortable with the concept Full Tilt ran a few "live" Flipouts over the first couple of days at EPT Vienna this week.

The response, even from seasoned pros with an edge like David Vamplew and Dermot Blain, seemed to be Flipouts were a grand old time. Check the video below:

3) You Are Now Entering the Kravchenko Phase

Alexander Kravchenko
If I'm not final-tabling this thing, I'm out of here.

Feel like the "post-bubble" phase of a poker tournament - where the field goes from just into the money to the final 27 or so really in contention - needs a name?

The crew at the PokerStars blog, who see this stage on a pretty regular basis, felt the same way and came up with a variety of hilarious suggestions.

Among the contenders we enjoy:

  • The "move along" hour
  • The grey period
  • The "hotel reservation extension" hour

But by far our favorite - and, for the record, the soon-to-be-name of our newly formed prog-rock band:

  • The Alex Kravchenko phase, named for the barnacle-esque pro of said moniker known for busting out primarily in this segment of the tournament.

Wp, PokerStars blog, wp. Read the full list of suggestions here.

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