Daily 3-Bet: Gold’s Mom, Grind for Credit, Kevmath FTs

Kangaroo, the Australian symbol for run good.

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Today in the Daily 3-Bet we learn the poker talent in the Gold family runs to the top, find math geniuses playing poker for credit at MIT and tip our hats to Kevmath for a nice run in Australia.

1) Jamie Gold’s Mom Coming to Get Him

Jamie Gold
Jane Gold fan.

Jane Gold, mom of 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jamie Gold, has earned the family a new poker title.

She took down the Borgata Winter Poker Open Ladies’ Event this past weekend.

With over 100 runners and a $400 buy-in, Mom’s take for the win was just over $10k. Not $12 million, but a very nice score in its own right.

Said Gold to Borgata bloggers on the scene:

“Look out Jamie Gold, mama’s coming to get you.”

A staple in the WSOP main event since 2007, even outlasting her son on at least one occassion, Jane Gold is known as a keen poker player and one of the main reasons Jamie got into poker.

More details on the ladies event from Philadelphia-based gambling blog PhillyGambles here.

More on Jamie’s current gig as ambassador for the Tropicana Poker Room here.

2) Grind Online Poker for Credit at MIT

As if poker games aren’t already tough enough, 200 more math geniuses from MIT are about to get into the mix.

A course at MIT taught by Ph.D student Will Ma (former Grand Prix de Paris winner with $1.7 million in online cashes) is now up and running and so popular they had to move to a bigger classroom to accommodate it. 

It's an introductory course, but it’s also a bit more advanced than your usual beginner poker strategy.

Course topics include preflop ranges, polarization, bet sizing, implied odds, reverse implied odds, flop analysis, credible bluffs, thin value, folding good hands, slow-playing, river odds, ICM theory, faults of Nash Equilibrium, decisions vs. results, statistics and variance and risk management.

Course work is to play in a private home league on PokerStars and to pass you need to earn 10 points playing online poker tournaments.

Check the rest of the syllabus here.

Lectures are online (first one above) if you want to pretend your grades were good enough for MIT.

We lasted seven minutes before it got over our heads.

3) Kevmath Makes Final Table in Aussie Millions $550 Terminator

Nubs for Kevmath.

Last but definitely not least in today's 3-Bet we send congrats out to everyone's favorite poker media icon Kevin "Kevmath" Mathers.

Mathers has been on the scene live in Melbourne covering the Aussie Millions but managed to find some time to play in the $550 Terminator event.

Playing against some stiff competition, Kevmath was on the short stack for a long time but still managed to make the final table.

He ended up cashing in sixth-place for for $6,055 when his A9 couldn't hold against K8.

As expected, he handled his exit like a pro, tweeting:

"Out in 6th for 6055, k8 <a9, guy hits 8 on river. Certainly can't complain after being so short forever."

How's he going to spend it?

"Figured out the first thing I'm doing with my winnings, laundry at the Crown!"

Hat tip to Kevmath. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Follow him on Twitter here.

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