Daily 3-Bet: Gold Busto, NJ Poker Regs, Poker Puppies

Wooflus (clockwise, three from right)

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the floppy-eared, weepy-eyed, all-heart runt fumbling his way to the top of the afternoon poker news feeding pile.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the “Jamie Gold busto” chorus starting again with his 2006 WSOP bracelet up for auction, the state of New Jersey releasing its draft for Internet gambling regulations and Mike “Timex” McDonald soliciting poker-inspired puppy names.

1) Jamie Gold's Bracelet, Watch Up for Auction

Jamie Gold
Down on his luck?

Jamie Gold may or may not actually be "busto," but poker fans who love to throw the suggestion out there )and there are a lot) are getting yet another shot today.

Gold's 2006 WSOP Main Event bracelet (and Corum watch) is now apparently up for auction on Aug 1 as part of a Heritage Auctions Sports Signature series. No reason for it being up for sale is given, but this, err, overly bold assertion is part of the item description:

"Gold's play in his 2006 victory is considered one of the great shows of poker psychology, as he was uncannily successful in goading his opponents into betting strong against his superior hand, or folding when he was weak."

As for the bracelet, it features "259 stones including over seven carats of diamonds and 120 grams of white and yellow gold.

"Rubies are inset to create the red of the heart and diamond suits, while a sapphire represents the spade and three black diamonds the clubs."

What condition is it in? "Fine," it says. Bidding opens July 13 here.

2) New Jersey Releases Guidelines for Internet/Mobile Gaming

It's 77 pages of pretty heavy legalese, but if you're curious what the guidelines may be for the Internet gambling industry in New Jersey a draft of the regulations was posted online today.

We're not legal experts but from what we can tell it looks fairly similar to Nevada's existing guidelines. Key points seem to be:

Atlantic City by Ron Miguel
Atlantic City (Photo by Ron Miguel)
  • Geo-locating devices inside state borders
  • Proper security for account access, encryption, servers and disallowed players
  • Internet gaming permit fees of around $400,000 and a Responsible Gaming fee of $250,000
  • Ongoing study of the social impacts of online gaming
  • Taxing rates/payment intervals for licensees
  • Self-exclusion of players

The are obviously a lot more elements in play but, well, it's Friday and this stuff can do your head in. The draft is still unofficial and allows interested parties to read over/comment before the official document is posted June 3, after which the public will have 60 days to submit feedback.

Check the full document here if you're up to it.

3) Timex Needs Help Naming Puppies

On a lighter note, feel like naming some puppies?

Poker pro Mike 'Timex" McDonald sent a call out on Twitter today for some help naming a litter of show-dog puppies:

Among the winners so far are Bounty, River, Monaco and Lady Luck.

Our suggestions? Phil Hellmutt, Wooflus and Finddabone. God help us. Tweet your help to Timex here or leave a note in the comments below.

Update: The remaining winners were Bubble, Flip, Vegas, Button, All In, Jackpot and Bellagio.

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