Daily 3-Bet: Kid Poker Overkill, God+Poker, Scotty Christmas

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Scotty loves Christmas, baby

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the three French hens in the 12 days of mid-afternoon poker news.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at some godly reasons to play online poker, Daniel Negreanu bringing a big stack to a little game and the Scotty Nguyen Christmas experience.

1. Negreanu Brings $100k Stack to $.50/$1 Limit Badugi Table

Ever wondered if Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu is bankrolled to play $.50/$1 Razz on PokerStars?

We’re gonna go with yes.

Negreanu is currently in Prague to play the EPT there but he’s also fooling around with online poker since he’s out of the U.S.

Kid Poker decided to play some $.50/$.1 Badugi and somehow managed to buy-in for $100,287.06 (maybe he really hates reloading?).

We’re not really sure what the deal was but we’re assuming it was some sort of glitch.

It was certainly a shock to the rest of the players at the table as they had stacks of $11-$30.

Check out the proof below:

2. God Loves Online Poker

God poker
Everyone loves pocket rockets.

We had no idea.

According to the Christian Post, Rep. Joe Barton went on a tirade during a Congressional Hearing earlier this week arguing that God wants online poker because he made his flight to speak in the hearing.

Bit of a stretch? Uhh yes.

Barton eventually admitted that he was joking, but as a practicing Christian he did say that God believes in free will and that the USA should have an online poker bill that reflects that option for choice.

Later in the meeting Rep. Marsha Blackburn fired back she wasn’t so sure God was into online poker because the bill was numbered 2666, which includes the Christian number of the beast.

We had no idea politicians could be so flippant about religion.

We’re not sure if Barton’s going to get the Christian vote on this matter considering the pump fake he pulled at the beginning.

It’s not like religion and poker haven’t intersected before, however.

In the timeless words of 2008 World Champion Jerry Yang, “Lord, bring me a set.”

3. Scotty Nguyen Gets Elfy

The latest Scotty Nguyen video on YouTube could probably crack the top 10 weirdest videos in the poker world and that’s saying something.

Nguyen apparently utilized an OfficeMax promo tool to add his face to a crew of dancing elves.

The Prince of Poker’s signature sunglasses-adorned face looks a little odd on an elf body to say the least. Once the music kicks in it’s quite hypnotic although it would also probably be Mike DeMichele’s worst nightmare.

Get into the Christmas spirit by watching the video below:

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