Daily 3-Bet: Galfond Warning, Nevada Pushing, Isildur Brag

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bring-yourself bus ride to a star-soaked, late afternoon poker news block party.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Galfond warning the online generation about shady poker characters, the Nevada Gaming Board Commissioner saying intrastate online poker is likely this year and Viktor “Isldur1” Blom declaring he’s the best heads-up player in the world.

1) Galfond Warns Online Generation About Loaning Money

Phil Galfond is poker’s Ja Rule.

In times of crisis, we turn to him to make sense of this crazy poker world.

Phil Galfond
Like Ja Rule, but smarter.

Given the recent brouhaha over Erick Lindgren’s unpaid debts and the uproar over loaning/repaying money in the poker community, Galfond weighed in on his blog.

He covered everything from the right conditions for loaning/repaying money to why Internet pros with a lot of money make perfect marks for sketchy “known” live pros. In particular:

“I think a lot of people in our demographic have a hard time admitting weaknesses like this. They’re extremely smart, and that’s something they take a lot of pride in, so it’s important to them that they believe they’ll make good decisions in every situation.

“Be honest with yourself. You’re not good at everything. You have faults and insecurities that impair your ability to make decisions.

“There are times when loaning money to people is a good decision. It can either be profitable for you immediately (if they’re going to continue to play with you, and poorly), profitable for you in the future (when they return the favor if you’re in need), or just a plain old nice thing to do.

“You just need to be careful. Young players with a lot of money and no experience in the live poker scene are the biggest marks in the poker world.

“Almost everyone I know has been burned at least once, myself included.”

As always, Phil has shown us out of the darkness and into the light. Read the rest of Galfond’s great post here.

2) Liparelli Says Intrastate Online Poker in Nevada “Likely” in 2012

Legislators, industry vets and poker media waffle constantly on the expected launch date for regulated intrastate poker in the US.

Right now, the overall consensus seems to be 2013. Tomorrow that could change to, say, 2020.

Nevada leading charge for intrastate poker.

Mark Lipparelli, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, thinks it’ll be sooner:

Speaking to iGaming Business, Lipparelli said he thinks state-approved operators could easily be running real-money, intrastate online poker before the end of 2012 given the major obstacles already out of the way:

 “The process from here will see licence applicants appearing on our public agendas in May/June," he said.

"For the successful licence applicants, the last step in turning the systems on will be a technical evaluation, and although we’re not certain how long this process will take, it’s plausible, even likely, that you’ll see the first set of systems approved for initial deployment by the fall.”

More on Nevada's licensing plan here.

3) Isildur1: “I’m the Best Heads-Up Player in the World” (AINEC)

High-stakes online poker god Viktor Blom has released a new interview on PokerStars.


  • Started playing poker at 14-15 on summer holidays
  • Deposited $50 online when he turned 18, ran it up to $2k and was playing $100/$200 a couple months later
  • First high-stakes heads-up games were with durrrr; 20-hour sessions were most fun he's ever had, durrrr the best he’s played against
  • Too-long sessions and tilt ended in durrrr outplaying him.
  • Main goal and focus this year is to win a major EPT title
  • Says he’s the best heads-up player in the world

Quote: “No one can even compete with me at that level.”

Can't say he's not right in his claim, although he was kept from proving it again when his SuperStar Showdown with Isaac Haxton was cut short because of internet problems yesterday.

He'll resume his battle with Haxton on Tuesday then take on Alex "Kanu7" Millar in the next showdown Sunday.

Interview below:

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