Daily 3-Bet: Galfond Iced, Gus v. Isildur, Prahlad v. Almonds

Phil Galfond

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bag of almonds, a freshly tuned Vitamix and one thirst-quenching glass of afternoon poker news livin'.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Galfond taking a break from the high-stakes games online to get iced, Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom prepare for a $50,000 Heads-Up Showdown and Prahlad Friedman ain't kidding about almond milk, yo.

1) ALS Challenge Reaches Galfond

Just how far has the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge penetrated itself into our 24h social-media cycle?

Even Phil Galfond (!) was reached through the haze of his neverending online high-stakes marathon (although it did take 2 days for him to notice).

It might even have come at a good time, too, as Galfond is down about $1m on his OMGClayAiken account over the last little while.

Here's hoping a cold shower for a good cause turns things around. In true Galfond fashion, though, he does somehow make one of the most ubiquitous things on the Internet feel like an original Galfond production. How does he do that?

2) Gus vs. Isildur in $50k Showdown; $50k in Freerolls Added!

Can Gus turn around his luck vs. Isildur?

We've seen Gus Hansen lose a lot of money online. And we've seen Viktor "isildur1" Blom torch seven-figures like he's at Burning Man.

We rarely, however, see them lose it to each other. That's about to change with the new "Heads-Up Showdown" between the two surviving Full Tilt Poker pros.

How it'll work: at 14:15 (ET) on Sunday, Sept. 14 they'll go head-to-head in three different variants. First Stud 8, picked by Gus, then 2-7, picked by Isildur, and a third to be picked by public vote on FTP.

Winner of the best-of-three will take $50k; loser has to play 1,000 hands of micro-stakes Razz or sing his opponent's national anthem on video. Even better? $50k in freerolls will also run for Full Tilt players.

Make a deposit of $20 and earn 50 Full Tilt Points between Aug. 28 and Sept. 7 and you'll get a ticket to join a $10k Gus Supporters freeroll or a $10k Isildur Supporters freeroll on Sept. 13.

Pick the right horse (ie the winner of the actual showdown) and you'll will get an extra ticket for a special $30,000 Heads Up Showdown Flip Freeroll on Sept. 15.

Create a new account at Full Tilt here if you haven't already and want in on it.

3) If You Ain't Makin Fresh Almond Milk, You Ain't Livin

Spirit Rock (aka one of the original online poker godfathers, Prahlad Friedman) has spoken.

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