Daily 3-Bet: Galfond Engaged, Newhouse Heartbreak, Jaffe Jet Packs!

Phil Galfond
Hi guys, Phil here.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a humongous rock, a jittery proposal and the chance to spend the rest of our afternoon poker news lives together.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the sought-after Phil Galfond taken off the market, the crushing moments shortly after Mark Newhouse's elimination from the Main Event and Jonathan Jaffe takes his media trolling to new heights.

1) Hi Guys, Phil Here. I'm Engaged!

For his huge swath of fans, male and female, who still thought they had a chance with Phil Galfond, yesterday was a sad day. Galfond is now officially off the market after announcing his engagement to former Days of Our Lives actress Farah Fath.

According to Soap Opera Digest they're now "headed down the real-life altar" (?) after Phil surprised her with a 12-page handwritten love letter and a bottle of the same wine they had on their first date.

Aw, Phil. Here's the tweet heard round the poker world last night:

2) Newhouse: "It Doesn't Seem Possible"

Wow. Powerful conclusion now posted to the Off the Felt mini-doc from All In Magazine about Mark Newhouse's back-to-back November Nines.

A great bit of filmmaking and impossible not to feel the devastation Newhouse must have been feeling in the moment. Part 2 below; Part 1 here.

3) Dolphins, Squirrels and Jet Packs! Jaffe Trolls the Poker World

Last year it was a fake backstory for ESPN about his quest to be a dolphin trainer.

This year, as Jonathan Jaffe rolled to the WPT Montreal title and $463k, it was a research project on "an indigenous species of squirrel being eaten by a new bird" and a post-win investment in personal jet packs with a dream that "in 5-7 years college kids could be flying from class to class!"

Well played, Mr. Jaffe. Well played. You've truly mastered the poker media troll (although it seems like Tatjana was pretty prepared for it and handled it like a boss). We're excited to see where this goes next! Jet packs for squirrels maybe?

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