Daily 3-Bet: FTP Trickle, Nov. 9 Cut, Fang-Tastic

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the first trickle of Full Tilt emails reaching US players with seized funds, 2013 November Niner Amir Lehavot blowing some minds with a Main Event final table proposition and Yi Fang about to replace Carter Gill as the WSOP meme of the moment.

1) Full Tilt Balances Available Wed., Money Coming Post Nov. 16

Howard Lederer
Want a piece of me?

At long last, it's begun. US Full Tilt players have waited almost 2.5 years to get a sniff of their seized Black Firday money and some got a taste this morning as the first emails from the Claims Administrator began arriving.

It may have arrived in your spam filter, but it may have arrived.

In short: Players affected by the seizures should receive an email from the GCG Group today or tomorrow outlining the steps to take to begin the claims process.

If you didn't get an email don't panic as everyone has to wait to file a claim via the form on the FullTiltPokerClaims website on Wednesday. Players have until Nov. 16 to file a claim, after which pay outs will begin.

You'll need your Social Security Number and Taxpayer Identification Number and proper documentation if you disagree with your account balance, which you'll be able to login and see.

All the latest info and a detailed FAQ are now available on the GCG website here. Good luck, and godspeed.

2) Amir Lehavot Offers 30% of Nov. 9 Action

OK we're far from math experts and not exactly ICM (Independent Chip Model) aficionados, but this is definitely an interesting one.

Amir Lehavot
Amir Lehavot: Pushing some ICM bounds.

Poker pro Amir Lehavot, who is currently second in chips heading into the Main Event final table, made a post on 2+2 today offering to sell 30% of his action to investors. We'll let him explain:

"I’m selling at ICM, this works out to be $29,248 per 1%. This is with 9th place money already subtracted out, so for each 1% invested the investor would get 1% of my prize money minus 9th place money.

"If I finish 9th, 1%=0 if I finish 3rd 1% = $29,938 if I finish first, 1% = $76,263, etc...

"Clearly I believe I have a skill edge and hence my finish distribution is better than ICM and hence this is a +EV investment for investors. I’m effectively selling at no markup.

"I understand that investor ROI is quite limited here, i.e. the best case scenario is a 2.6x return. The downside is also significantly lower than when typically buying action, 84% of the time investors are going to get atleast 30% back, etc.

"Basically because it’s the FT already the variance I’m transferring to investors per $1 is much smaller than when buying action at the beginning of a tourney."

Get all that? Minimum investment is $10k if you're interested. Details here.

3) Yi Fang Loves the Ladies, Hates Losing 75% of Stack

Remeber how Saddest Poker Player alive Carter Gill was all the rage a few weeks ago for his dispiriting bustout hand?

There will be a new meme in town after tomorrow when the next WSOP ME episode airs on ESPN, and his name is Yi Fang:

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