Daily 3-Bet: FTP On Clock, Epic on Blast, Wax Off

Don Cheadle, Annie Duke
Dukes are up for FS+G.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an aromatic late-day face massage in the midst of the poker news grind.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Full Tilt Poker and the Bernard Tapie Group hitting a critical deadline, Federated Sports + Gaming replying to yesterday's cash-grab claims and two Irish pros wax off.

1) Full Tilt Poker/Tapie Group Deadline Today

Ray Bitar
Time is now for Bitar.

Today, March 16, is the latest deadline for the takeover deal between Full Tilt Poker and the Bernard Tapie Group to be completed.

So far, a deal has yet to be announced.

Reports surfaced earlier in the week from GamingIntelligence that a deal was “imminent” and Laurent Tapie planned to have Full Tilt Poker back up and running within four weeks.

Other reports suggested the deal was close but another deadline extension of 1-2 weeks might be needed.

As of right now, we don't know which it is. Signs keep getting better and better, but another weekend of waiting looks to be ahead.

The personal response we got from Bernard Tapie Group lawyer Behn Dayanim:

“I cannot comment.”

We'll believe it when we see it, but will be on the lookout for any updates over the weekend.

2) Federated Sports + Gaming Responds to Blasting

We mentioned Justin Marchand’s extensive article on the Federated Sports + Gaming/Epic Poker bankruptcy filings yesterday and things look pretty bad for Epic if true.

Almsot everyone in poker, including of course Daniel Negreanu, piled on to blast Annie DUke and Jeffrey Pollack.

Jeffrey Pollack
Pollack not taking article lying down.

Today, FS+G posted its response:

  • Epic Poker has not "shut its doors," as the very first line of the article asserts. Our doors our open, our website and social media game are up and running, the GPI continues to be published weekly, HPT is staging its events, and we are attempting to re-organize the company: that is why the Chapter 11 process exists.
  • No reorganization plans have been rejected by the bankruptcy court.
  • No reorganization budget has been rejected by the bankruptcy court: an amicable agreement was reached between FS+G and certain creditors.
  • The former Heartland Poker Tour owners have been paid a very substantial amount of money to date, as part of the company's acquisition.
  • During the reorganization process, the top FS+G executives are not receiving any compensation and others are receiving only a small monthly stipend.
  • The total reorganization budget for FS+G in March is approximately $45,000.

Whoever wrote the statement also added that no one from FS+G was contacted prior to publication or they would have offered these facts.

For the record: no comment was made on the lucrative $450,000 requested for executive salaries. And Annie Duke never got back to us.

3) O’Dea and Smyth Have Horrifying Waxing Competition

Yep. It’s as gruesome as it sounds.

And by gruesome we mean seeing two Irish poker pros’ nipples.

In honor of the upcoming Sole Survivor series for the Irish Open, Eoghan O’Dea and Niall Smyth had a wax-off for €1,000.

Footage below. Don't say we didn't warn you:

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