Daily 3-Bet: FTP Dirt, Luongo Tweets, Selbst Dusts $5k

Vanessa Selbst
Vanessa Selbst: Really, really good at poker.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a slightly off-rhythm soft shoe routine on the outskirts of the poker news dance floor.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Matt Glantz getting inside dirt from Full Tilt Poker shareholders, Roberto Luongo revealed as a poker tweeter and Vanessa Selbst dominating a tough field in LA.

1) FTP Shareholders In-Fighting, Staying Quiet to Avoid Blame

Matt Glantz
Matt Glantz, P.I.

Poker pro Matt Glantz has been one of the more outspoken pros about the Full Tilt situation and continues to be with a new blog post called “Whispers from Full Tilt.”

Glantz says he's now been in personal contact with a number of FTP shareholders and that they are avoiding making public statements for one primary reason:

To escape blame if the deal with the Bernard Tapie Group falls apart. Writes Glantz:

“The common theme is anyone making a public statement from the inside will be ‘at risk’ in being blamed for the Tapie deal falling apart.  

"This is why nobody is speaking publicly. Let me clarify: It is not because they are worried about the deal falling apart. It is because they are worried that if they say anything they will eventually be blamed for the deal falling apart …

“One key shareholder involved in the negotiations did assure me that to this day the deal with Tapie is still a favorite to happen and even if that deal collapses there are still more viable options past Tapie.

"I do hope this is the case, but I cannot help to think he is being overly optimistic and somewhat self-serving."

Glantz did stress that his post is entirely his opinion and not hard fact, but based on his conversations he has diminishing hope for the deal.

2) Canucks Goalie Roberto Luongo “Outed” as @strombone1?

Martin Staszko
More of a MagiCuts guy.

Speculation has bounced around for awhile that Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo plays at PokerStars under the alias strombone1.

A Vancouver blogger has now taken it one step further and claimed he also might be the man behind the @strombone1 Twitter account.

Citing the age of Luongo's daughter, a recent plug from Canuck Ryan Kesler and several poker tweets as evidence, writer Wyatt Arndt says Luongo is the prime suspect for the account.

Arndt considered the poker tweets in particular and a forum post on pocketfives.com as strong tip-offs. Examples include:

"U know it's been a long online poker shift when ur listening to Michael Jackson on your iTune playlist!!!"

"Staszko just informed the dealer that he has a hair appointment at super cuts in 20 mins! #WSOPfun-facts".

Luongo has a much publicized love of poker and a sponsorship deal with BC government site PlayNow.com.

If it is Luongo, he’s much funnier than his reputation ... yet somehow still as offputting.

3) Selbst Dusts Off Duhamel Heads-Up to Win LAPC $5k

Calling it “one of the toughest fields she’s ever played in,” Vanessa Selbst took down the LAPC $5k event last night for $140-kish, defeating Jonathan Duhamel heads-up for the win.

Matt Stout, Mclean Karr, Joe Cheong, Scott Clements and Faraz Jaka were just a few of the names in the final 15 alone.

Duhamel continued his fantastic start to 2012 with his runner-up finish for $120k and pro Josh Brikis finished in third for $61k.

Check out Selbst's winner interview with Tournament Director Matt Savage below and check for $10k main event updates in our live coverage section starting today at noon.

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Old School 2012-02-26 14:21:47

Deary me, what;s the world coming to.Shouldnt Vanessa be @ home cooking someones tea instead of laking poker.WORLD GONE MAD!!!!!!

Hank 2012-02-24 16:00:30

Not an encouraging post from Glantz. Best of luck still to all of the Full Tilt refugees out there.

Brian G. 2012-02-24 15:05:36

Selbst top 5 in the world, male or female? Pretty bold claim. Maybe though. Pretty impressive record in MTTs.

roy jones jr jr 2012-02-24 15:04:38

lol luongo he should take a break from tweeting so he can practicing stopping pucks

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