Daily 3-Bet: FTP Deal Fine, Hwang Time, Micros Reborn

Same s***, different format.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a fingerprint-smudged, three-frame window into the yawning afternoon poker news maw.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the FTP-PokerStars deal reportedly still on track for the end of May, Andy Hwang wins the biggest poker tournament ever in the Big Easy and The Micros is reborn in comic format.

1) iGaming Post Reports FTP/Stars Deal on Track for End of May

Getting info on the FTP-PokerStars deal is like, well, getting info on the FTP-PokerStars deal. It's rare.

And hit-and-miss for accuracy. So take the latest news from iGaming Post with a grain of salt.

Stars Full Tilt chop

Originally citing Full Tilt lawyer Barry Boss, who confirmed there was a court hearing with the DOJ in the US, iGamingPost is saying "a timetable for paying back players has been reached" and an announcement is forthcoming in the last week of May.

Because of the logistics involved with paying back players a date hasn't been set but PokerStars are reportedly, iGamingPost says, "confident that this will happen in the next ten days and will be approved by the US DOJ."

Included in this agreement is supposedly a provision enabling PokerStars to apply for a US license when online poker is fully legislated in the US.

According to some bloggers, however, US states like New Jersey are working on excluding "bad actors," or sites that offered poker to US customers after Dec. 31, 2006, from licensing eligibility in their bills.

No official reports have been made by either Full Tilt or PokerStars.

Long story short: we'll know when PokerStars and/or Alexandre Dreyfus wants us to know.

2) Andy Hwang Wins Biggest Tournament in Big Easy History

What Big Cards You Have,
New Orleans: Really stuffing the crocodile these days.

While US online poker continues to be in a state of uncertainty, live poker is certainly humming along.

The first gold-ring event of the Harrah’s New Orleans WSOP-C stop was held this weekend and a record-smashing 945 players showed up to play, beating the preiovus record of 833 set back in 2005.

The prize pool for the $355 buy-in event hit $274,995, of which 99 players shared and Yung "Andy" Hwang took $52,249 from for his win.

This was the first-ever ring for Hwang, a pro from Houston, TX,  and was well-earned as he beat out WSOP-C stalwarts Josh Evans and Woody Moore at the final table.

With the victory Hwang also earned enough points to qualify for a seat in the upcoming $1 million National Championship, to be played and broadcast by ESPN at the WSOP.

The WSOP Circuit at Harrah’s New Orleans continues through May 21st with eveleven more gold-ring events still to come.

For updates, check the WSOP site.

3) Micros Reborn as Web Comic, Animated Series on Hold

As big fans of The Micros animated series, we’ve been eagerly waiting some hinted-at new content. We got what we asked for today - although in slightly different format with the first-ever Micros Web comic.

The reason why they’ve made the switch to comics for now? Money and time, basically, according to producer John Wray, who posted in the 2+2 forum:

“As it turns out, animation is really 'spensive, so instead of struggling to put out an episode every few months we're going to post web comics featuring the same characters hopefully a few times a week.

“If and when we get sponsored we'll get back to making cartoons, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy these.”

We do enjoy. Check Episode #1 of the new comic below; follow the Micros on Twitter here and like their Facebook page here.

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