Daily 3-Bet: Free Dario, Adelson Hypocrisy, South Defends Hastings

Cole South
Cole South

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet will never award you a free Porsche but it does provide three piping-hot mid-afternoon poker news stories.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Dario Minieri getting a break from the Italian government, a mainstream media outlet torching Sheldon Adelson and Cole South discussing the legendary Hastings vs. Isildur1 match.

1) Dario Minieri Escapes Italian Tax Charges

Dario Minieri
Dario Minieri

Remember Dario Minieri?

The scarf-wearing, Porsche winning, PokerStars sponsored, aggro Italian who was absolutely pwning people in 2007?

Well he's been in the fight of his life over the last couple years against the Italian government.

The dispute involved Miniari’s poker winnings but it appears the Italian government has finally dropped the charges according to story with AGIMEG.

Hopefully now Minieri can buy as many AC Roma scarves as he wants.

Minieri, like several other Italian poker pros, now lives in Malta in an effort to escape the severe restrictions of playing poker in Italy.

The diminutive Italian rose to poker fame in 2007 when he made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event. If it wasn’t for an upstart Jason Mercier, Dario Minieri also might have won EPT San Remo on his home turf in 2008.

2) Mother Jones Calls Sheldon Adelson a Hypocrite

Left-leaning publication Mother Jones took issue with anti-online gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson in an article this week.

Sheldon Adelson

Mother Jones chronicled Adelson’s numerous attempts to get into online gambling and his eventual decision to abandon the market altogether calling him a hypocrite.

The publication also makes a good point that supporting Adelson now could pay huge dividends for 2016 presidential hopefuls (Adelson spent close to $100 million supporting in the 2012 elections).

Adelson recently said that he won’t throw his weight behind a presidential candidate until 2016.

It’s all leading towards a mega-battle for the right to play poker in the near future.

Now that Caesars and PokerStars have joined forces it could be an uphill battle for Adelson as he attempts to keep online poker out of the United States.

3) Cole South Defends Legendary Hastings vs. Isildur1 Match

Cole South
Cole South

Joey “ChicagoCards1” Ingram has been busy racking up a plethora of super-long interviews with poker players from around the globe.

His latest is a nearly three-hour epic with Cole “CTS” South where the talk is about the early stages of online poker, finding balance in the game and even haircuts.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the interview occurs at around 49:30 when South clears some things up about the legendary session when Brian Hastings dismantled Isildur1 for $4.2 million in 2009.

People alleged that Hastings as well as fellow CardRunners pros South and Brian Townsend shared hand histories with each other.

South mentions that the CardRunners guys never merged their hand histories together for Brian Hastings to use in his session against Isildur1, which was erroneously reported by ESPN.

“It’s total bullshit,” said South in the podcast interview.

Interestingly South says that Full Tilt Poker also initially kept CardRunners from defending themselves on public forums.

Check out the complete interview below (Isildur discussion around 49:30):

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