Daily 3-Bet: Forrest Warrant, Holz Payout Structure, Polk vs. Ben86

Doug Polk vs Ben Tollerene
Polk vs. Tollerene: Poker Fight of the Century?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at an unfortunate moment for Ted Forrest, Fedor Holz preferred payout structure and the latest drama-filled high-stakes beef.

1) Warrant for Ted Forrest’s Arrest

Uh oh.

Over the weekend the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that a warrant has been issues for the arrest of 6-time WSOP bracelet winner Ted Forrest.

Ted Forrest
Ted Forrest

According to the report Forrest was charged with two felonies: Drawing and passing a check without sufficient funds with the intent to defraud and theft.

The issue is a long-standing one that apparently came from passing two checks totally $215,000 at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Forrest’s Attorney Chris Rasmussen believes Forrest doesn’t owe the casino any money and is in the process of getting the arrest warrant recalled.

There was another issue in 2015 when the Mirage filed a lawsuit claiming Forrest still owed $40k from a $100k loan in 2013. It’s unclear if that debt was ever paid.

Forrest’s Attorney Chris Rasmussen believes Forrest doesn’t owe the casino any money and is in the process of getting the arrest warrant recalled.

2) Fedor Holz Approved Payout Structure

This Winstar World Casino & Resort payout structure concept is unlikely to catch on with the majority of the poker world but it would benefit a certain player very much.

3) Doug Polk Calls Ben Tollerene “A Vulture”

There have been some notable beefs over the years in the high-stakes world but over the weekend a simmering disagreement between Doug “WCGRider” Polk and Ben “Ben86” Tollerene went nuclear.

We don’t want to get bogged down in the gory details but here are the cliff notes for anyone who doesn't want to dive into the 36-page (and counting) post on TwoPlusTwo.

  • Doug Polk and Ben Tollerene had an agreement to coach each other in their areas of expertise (HU NL and PLO respectively).
  • Polk provided said coaching but Tollerene (who had an NDA with his PLO partner) didn’t receive permission to coach Polk.
  • One drunken night in Vancouver, Polk and Tollerene got into a disagreement about where Polk ranked amongst the best Heads-Up No-Limit player in the world. This led to the dissolution of their personal/business partnership.
  • They had numerous deals and pieces with each other, which made the end of their personal/business relationship very complicated.
  • Polk alleges he coached Tollerene in NL Cap and then Tollerene attempted to play him in $500/$1000 NL Cap.
  • It gets pretty personal.

It doesn’t really seem like either player has much to gain from all this being aired publicly but the online raildbirds are obviously having a field day.

You check out more from Tollerene in the TwoPlusTwo thread and Polk has actually released the following video about the disagreement on his YouTube channel:

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