Daily 3-Bet: Surfing for $5m, Poker = New Golf, T- 24h to WSOP


The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an offshore wind, a newly-waxed 6'0'' fish and the perfect right-hander breaking on the afternoon poker news reef.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a couple of unorthodox approaches to winning $5 million, poker as networking tool and the countdown is on to poker summer camp.

1) Paddle Out for $5m

As you likely already know the $300k buy-in Super High Roller Bowl began yesterday in Las Vegas and the early jostling for position has been interesting.

Guys like Kuznetsov, Holz and Negreanu are off to a good start while big names like Antonio Esfandiari, Scott Seiver and Isaac Haxton have already hit the rail.

Somewhere in the middle of the chase are two more of poker's biggest personas in Phil Hellmuth and Phil Laak.

Hellmuth, as is his proclivity, has stuck to the small ball "white magic" that has traditionally done him well. Laak, meanwhile, has brought some of his recent Nicaraguan surf jaunt to the Aria.

Check out all the Day 2 action via Twitch.tv and CBS Sports Network. Check some ace shots of poker pro beards at the event here.

2) Trade Your Clubs for a RunItOnce membership

Time to find a new Mag.

Want to make an impact on the movers and shakers in business these days?

It's no longer the golf course where all the back-slapping, handshake-sealed, old-boy networking goes on anymore - it's the poker table.

According to a new post on QZ.com, it's goodbye golf and hello grinding when it comes to making your bones.

Hedge funders, charity fundraisers, corporate team building, Ivey league schools ... even Manhattan elementary schools are getting into the poker spirit and realizing how much of a learning/social tool it can be.

“It’s the greatest tool for networking I’ve ever experienced,” says Bob Crimmins, founder of Seattle-based Startup Poker 2.0.

“With golf you have to take lessons, spend $1,000 on gear, and play for months before you’re ready to keep up. If you spend 20 minutes learning the rules of poker, you’re ready to play.”

It's not that simple, of course. If you really want to make an impression at the tables you might want to work on your ranges a bit, too.

Still, another good sign poker is further entrenched in the mainstream and here to stay. Maybe they'll even let us play online again, too.

3) Bus is Leaving for Poker Summer Camp

You know another great place to meet and network with people from all walks of life at the poker table. The greatest poker event on earth, the World Series of Poker.

As luck would have it the 2016 WSOP is about to set sail with less than 24 hours until things get underway.

Are you ready for poker summer camp? We are, with daily features coming live from the Rio all summer plus our signature "on demand" coverage from the WSOP Main Event beginning in July.

Buy a hoodie, charge your phone and work on your bladder control - it's going to be another awe-inspiring summer of poker.

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