Daily 3-Bet: Finding Annette, Duped by DNegs, 55 Days to WSOP TV

Annette Obrestad
King among men.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an HD handicam, a whisper-sensitive boom mic and 40 epic hours of unfiltered afternoon poker news drama.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find out what Annette Obrestad's up to, get walked through a great hand between Alec Torelli and Daniel Negreanu and clear our schedules for the WSOP Main Event on ESPN.

1) Annette_15: "It's Not the Same"

It's getting a bit lost to time and circumstances these days but it should always be remembered just how phenomenal Annette Obrestad was - and is - at poker.

From winning a tournament blind to re-imagining what aggression can be in poker to winning the WSOPE Main Event for £1m at age 18, she is literally one of the game's most revolutionary players.

What's she doing now at 26? Well, thanks to the always delightful Tony Kendall of Sky Poker, we know she's living in Vegas with her boyfriend and still playing poker - even online - although the lingering cloud over US online poker rooms has dampened her enthusiasm some:

In case you're about to go look for the picture mentioned, here it is:

Annette Obrestad

PokerListings was there in Dublin when it happened and, truth be told, it's still shocking she didn't win that tournament and add EPT Champion to her resume. Read the recap from 2007 here.

2) Would You Call This All-In from Daniel Negreanu?

Speaking of memorable EPT moments ... If you followed the live stream from this year's EPT Grand Final main event in Monte Carlo you likely remember this moment from the feature table.

Alec Torelli hits a set but Negreanu eventually pushes him off of it on the river and scoops a big pot. As we've learned from Negreanu's recent run to the brink of the Main Event November Nine, he has his own way of thinking about poker hands that usually pays off.

Alec Torelli's breakdown of his own thought process is great, though, and gives a high-level look at how you can be both right and wrong at the same time.

As we always say you can't get a better lesson in poker than talking through hands with players better than you, so take it all in:

3) T-Minus 55 Days to ESPN's 2015 WSOP Broadcast

ESPN Camera Crew

Yep. We already know what happens and who made (or didn't make) the November Nine. Still, there's something about the annual ESPN broadcast that just makes it feel, well ... more real.

If you've ritualistically followed the ESPN coverage - and Lon and Norm's ubiquitous banter - over the years as we have you know there's nothing quite like it. So just how soon will we get to see all of the big moments from the Rio live in Technicolor? 55 days.

Two-hour blocks of Main Event coverage start on ESPN on Monday, Sept. 14 before moving to Sundays starting Oct. 4. Nine weeks in total will air with the final five weeks showing 2.5 hours a night leading up to the expanded three-day live playdown from Nov. 8-10.

Live Nov. 9 coverage starts Sunday, Nov. 8 at 8:30 pm ET on ESPN then switches to ESPN2 at 11 pm ET. Action will run until four players are left.

Those four will return on Nov. 9 at 8 pm ET on ESPN2 and play until heads-up. The final two will come back Tuesday at 9 pm ET on ESPN and play to a champion.

Got all that? We'll keep you posted as we get closer. But it's a good idea to start clearing your calendar.

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