Daily 3-Bet: Ferriss Cheatsheet, Cards & Keys, Selbst Mugged

Good enough to win once? Maybe.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a helpful mnemonic, a color-coded hand chart and a surprisingly steady afternoon poker news betting hand for a rookie.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find 4-Hour Body pitchman Tim Ferriss showing his poker hand, an earnest attempt at telling the online poker pro experience and Vanessa Selbst goes toe-to-toe with the king of TV mugshots.

1) Secrets of 4-Hour Poker

Remember that episode of The Tim Ferriss Experiment we profiled last week where he speed learns poker from former Full Tilt pro Phil Gordon?

Well. he's gone into a bit more detail about the makings of the episode in a new post on his own website.

All lot more detail, actually. Included are a 40-minute video explaining his notes from his coaching session, PDFs from his notebook and the one-page cheatsheet Gordon provided for him. See below for the video:

Is it enough to give you a shot to win a short session if you've never played poker before?

Well, surprisingly, yes. Yes, it probably is. Color us as surprised as you.

2) What's It Like to Be a Poker Professional?

As purveyors and lovers of the short documentary form we know how hard it is to tell a great, comprehensive, engaging and accessible-to-all poker story in a short amount of time.

Does the new short documentary Cards & Keyboards deliver that? Well, partly.

But it's a good and genuine stab at trying to tell the story of being a poker professional from those who know it from the inside. Take a watch below:

3) Selbst Gets Steve Harvey Mugging

Before we even start we can't ever praise Vanessa Selbst enough for just how good she is at:

1) Getting spots on mainstream media to explain the game of poker to genuinely unaware crowds

2) Explaining herself and the game in an amazingly clear, concise and accessible/engaging way

3) Not losing her mind at some of the inane questions/unprepared interviewers she deals with

She's the best, really. And has done wonders for the game of poker in the public eye.

If she can somehow make it through a segment with shameless mug-to-the-camera king Steve Harvey, well, she's reached another level. Find out tomorrow at 3pm if she pulled it off. God speed, Vanessa.

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