Daily 3-Bet: Farber Bundles, Galfond Butt, DNegs Delivers

Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond doing surreptitious butt exercises.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a black sedan, an isolated drop point and a fat envelope of unmarked bills that ensures a shoot-out free afternoon poker news product exchange.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jay Farber paying out his backer Colombian drug-lord style, Phil Galfond giving it up for the Reddit crowd and Daniel Negreanu dreams, declares and delivers.

1) How to Turn $2k Into $1 Million

It's easy, really. Just invest $2,000 in a poker player and watch him runner-up the Main Event. Voila!


So, banks just for poor people now? Who pays out $1m in cash?

Viktor Blom
Loves juice boxes, comedies.

2) Galfond Grilled by Reddit Crowd, Has Great Butt

If you're a Phil Galfond fan this is obv. old news but if not here's a link to the full AMA (Ask Me Anything) Galfond did over the weekend.

As always, Phil owns it:

[–]nothings_epic 7 points 2 days ago

Hey Phil. I love PLO, and you are clearly the best... Keep crushing! Can you tell me something about these players that I don't already know? 1) Yourself 2) Isildur1 3) durrrr 4) Ben86

[–]Phil_Galfond[S] 17 points 2 days ago

Thanks man! Things you don't already know... hmm...

Me: Couldn't think of anything so I just asked my girlfriend- "great butt"

Viktor: can be spotted playing for massive stakes in his apartment eating a full can of Pringles and sipping on a box of apple juice. He owns a ton of movies, mostly comedies.

Tom: once tried to tip $100 to get us a bowling lane early, but was rejected because he accidentally was holding out a $1 bill. He usually has over 100 unchecked texts/voicemails on his phone.

Ben: is the only poker player I know who actually underestimates his skill and his intelligence. He and another friend of mine bet large lots of money on MLG Starcraft results.

3) What Hard Work, Belief and a Bit of Luck Will Get You

Just devote your life to an incredibly hard game, spend 20 years playing it at a very high level and blam! Easy peasy.


Also, try reading some of these books:

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