Daily 3-Bet: Eyes Wide Phil, River Bullets, How to Chop £1.4m

Hellmuth on a boat. In a cape.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an exclusive invite to a massive, masked, doing-it party thrown by an unnamed afternoon poker news secret society.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find an eerie Tom Cruise-inspired entrance by Phil Hellmuth at WPT Venice, web series Bullets firing another bet on the river and we share a sneak peak inside the world of high-stakes poker tournaments from EPT London.

1) Hellmuth Channels Cruise at WPT Venice

It’s not an image we’re happy about evoking, really, but there’s no getting around the creepy Eyes Wide Shut vibe of Phil Hellmuth’s entrance at WPT Venice yesterday.

tom cruise hellmuth split
Eyes Wide Phil.

In case you missed it, Hellmuth bellied up at the casino via golden gondola wearing a traditional Carnevale di Venezia outfit involving a cape and mask.

Similar to Cruise, Hellmuth had an attractive female foil to play off of in Liv Boeree but, unlike Cruise, Hellmuth couldn't maintain the illusion and busted before the champagne he ordered even had a chance to get warm

Check the split screen for the Cruise/Hellmuth comparison -- although if they were truly side-by-side Cruise would probably only come up to Hellmuth’s hip.

Watch the clip of his entrance below; more on Day 1b at WPT Venice here.

2) #Donkey

We really want to like the new poker-themed web series Bullets but three episodes in it's not really moving past the major flaws we noted in the pilot episode.

If you're going to use poker as the primary backdrop for your character/plot development, you should at least make the poker a bit believeable, no?

A $500k (?!) buy-in game with cheap plastic chips? A rogue bank teller in a fedora and vest? A Mike Huntz joke? C'mon now.

Still, differing opinions are welcome so if you see a better future in it than we do let us know in the comments. Check out episodes two and three below:

3) How to Chop £1.4 Million with a Pen and Paper

EPT London chop.

As seasoned poker reporters it's easy to forget just how surreal the money up for grabs at a poker tournament can be.

With seven-figure payouts pretty common you can miss just how life-changing that number is in different circumstances.

We got a quick reminder of it again this past month at EPT London when we were privy to the nuts and bolts of a deal between the final three players.

With £1.4 million still on the table, eventual winner Ruben Visser grabbed a pen and piece of paper from PokerListings Denmark reporter Thomas Hviid.

The Visser, Mantas Visockis and Olof Haglund hashed out a quick ICM calculation, left £140k on the table for the winner and that was that.

The pen and paper made it back to Hviid and he got to keep a nice little souvenir from the inner workings at a major poker tour.

Check the pic on the right. Key point to remember is the £ missing from in front of those numbers.

Mbn sirs, mbn.

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