Daily 3-Bet: Epicly Later’d, O’Dwyer Rules, Honey Badgered

Daniel Negreanu

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is our signature afternoon jog-trot across the harsh deserts of the poker news world.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu looking more like Miss Cleo, Steve O'Dwyer making another poker tournament his personal servant and Padraig Parkinson getting honey badgered out of the WPT Venice main event.

1) Daniel Negreanu Earned “I Told You So” for Epic Prediction

There's been a lot of buzz and "I told you so"s flying around the poker world since Wednesday's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by FS+G, the parent company of the Epic Poker League.

Truth be told, what ever side you fall on (it was a big lie and players were duped or it was a net positive for poker players regardless), it all pales in comparision to what we really learned from this.

Annie Duke
Despite high hopes, the EPL couldn't overcome Negreanu's concerns.

Daniel Negreanu may be a psychic.

Despite all of the new posts about Epic, Negreanu still has the most prescient, relevant and accurate piece written about the EPL - and he wrote it last August.

Titled Why I Didn’t Play the EPL, it’s filled with eerily astute predictions and balanced arguments that predicted its demise from the get-go.

“Jeffrey Pollack wouldn't admit that to you publicly, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math here. Millions of dollars being given away to players, money spent on a TV time buy, money spent on staff, etc. with no way of recouping those funds through licensing or sponsorship.

“Networks aren't going to pay you for poker programming because the necessary ratings just aren't there. The WSOP is the world's most prestigious brand at this point with hundreds of hours of poker programming on TV, and yet they have been unsuccessful in bringing in major money from mainstream sponsors.”

There are more and better arguments as well. Read it and put any ideas about Daniel being a hater to rest. He called it fair and square.

2) Steve O’Dwyer is Officially Very, Very Good at Poker

Steve O'Dwyer
Now owns most of Europe.

We hedged our bets on Steve O’Dwyer’s pokering a few months ago, impressed by his year-long heater and $1.4 million in profit but still hesitant to say he’s “good” at poker because, well, we’re like that.

Today, we officially declare ourselves off the fence. Steve O’Dwyer is very, very good at poker.

O’Dwyer has made YET ANOTHER final table, this time in Denmark for something called the “Danske Spil WPT National Vejle.”

It’s him and five Danes at the final table and, like the boss he is, O’Dwyer is the chip leader with a wide advantage over second.

It's pretty much his tournament to win, and if he does he'll pick up around $160k.

Live updates are available in Danish with particularly charming expressions such as "Kenneth Laursen er rigtig glad" and "O'Dwyer kan godt tabe en hånd!"

("Kenneth Larsen is really happy" and "O'Dwyer might lose a hand!")

3) Padraig Parkinson Gets Honey Badgered

We've recommended Irish curmudgeon Padraig Parkinson’s blog as one of the most enjoyable in poker before and if you didn’t get on it then, here's another shot.

As old people usually are, Parkinson is a few years behind on his Internet memes and just discovered the joys of watching YouTube videos of the Honey Badger.

Tipped off by Dave Nicholson while playing WPT Venice, Parkinson was impressed:

"In the main event I was seated beside English stars Rupert Elder and Dave Nicholson who were tremendous craic. At one stage Dave started prattling on about a documentary he’d recently seen on the honey badger.

"He reckoned this creature was the most vicious creature you could come across and that even tigers backed off if one of these lads fancied nicking their dinner. I’d no reason to disbelieve him but as he’s English and we don’t trust those guys ever since we had a bad experience with the Treaty of Limerick.

"I checked it out on Youtube and he was right!"

Read more Padraig here. Revisit the intense joy of watching the Randall-narrated (and NSFW) Honey Badger video below:

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