Daily 3-Bet: Dwan Resurfaces, Mizzi Reships, #WSOPiscoming

Tom Dwan
He's back. Kinda.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Tom Dwan alive and tweeting and in the vicinity of the WSOP, Sorel Mizzi pays his Rio de Janeiro swim bet forward and the tweets begin to fly in anticipation of the forthcoming World Series of Poker.

1) Dwan Reconnects, Hangs with Urindanger

Silent on Twitter for over a month, the elusive (and highly sought after) Tom "durrrr" Dwan resurfaced in the social media world to great relief this morning.

With a picture of a huge pot from an all-night session among the biggest Macau whales, you ask? With hints at 7-figure bracelet bets with the game's biggest high rollers at the upcoming World Series of Poker?

How about a pic of him and former high-stakes crusher Di "urindanger" Dang with some staff members at Dang's crawfish restaurant in Virginia:

Not quite what the fanboys were hoping for, we're sure, but it s a start. And at least he's in the US, which means the WSOP is on his radar.

With online poker back on the table and a growing buzz around the $1m Big One, we very much look forward to Dwan's exploits this summer.

2) Mizzi Donating 10% of Prop Bet Win to Charity

So not only is Sorel Mizzi still super confident in his ability to make a $20k-on-the-line, 5 km open-ocean, possibly shark-altered swim, which looks like it'll happen Friday at 11:30 am Brazil time, he's going to pay it forward to one of his favorite charities, too:

Have we mentioned how much we love poker players? No other industry is half as interesting or as generous, really.

3) #WSOPiscoming

Did we mention the World Series of Poker STARTS NEXT WEEK!

We couldn't be more excited, and neither can most of the living, breathing poker community. Look for daily preview coverage everyday on our 2014 WSOP page. In the meantime, feel the buzz:

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