Daily 3-Bet: Durrrr vs Bear, Devo Waxes, Trickett Badgered

Tom Dwan

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a quick-hit rundown of three less-traveled poker “news” stories worth a second look.

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Today in the 3-Bet Durrrr goes face-to-face with a koala, Bryan Devonshire waxes nostalgic on the new sickness in poker and Sam Trickett laments getting hit up for money by strangers.

1) Durrrr in Oz, Looks Kinda Like Koala Bear

durrrr vs. bear.

Thanks to some photos posted on Twitter by Tom Dwan’s girlfriend, Erica, it’s been confirmed durrrr is currently on land in Australia.

The pictures only confirm he’s in Sydney, however, which is still 1,000 kilometers from Melbourne and the Aussie Millions.

But speculation is already running rampant he’ll play some poker while he's down under.

With Gus, Patrik and the Macau businessmen who keep the big cash games running confirmed for Oz already, it's pretty much a lock durrrr won’t be able to resist the action.

That also likely includes the scheduled $100k and $250k high roller tournaments.

Whether he plays poker or not, this shot of him mugging with a koala is a top 10 photo of the year already.

We'll be on the lookout for more durrrr in our live coverage from the Aussie Millions starting Saturday.

Follow his girlfriend on Twitter here.

2) Devo Waxes Nostalgic, Has Some Tips

Twelfth-place finisher in the 2011 WSOP Main Event Bryan Devonshire has been around poker for a long time.

Bryan Devonshire
Smile if you like poker.

Playing a poker game a few nights ago and raking a $500 pot that didn’t even make it to the flop, Devo was struck, as he posts in his blog, by how much sicker the game of poker is now then when he started 10 years ago.

Also taking Matt Glantz’s much-talked about Responsibility in Poker blog and Phil Galfond's recent posts to heart, Devo has some simple suggestions for keeping new money flowing into the game:

“It’s not that hard to do really. Be good to people. Don’t berate anybody ever.

“You really don’t need to talk about poker ever. There’s no reason to ever do anything that will either make them less likely to play or more likely to play better. “Be a humble winner and a happy loser. Be fair.

"Be honest. Do what you say you’re going to do. Pay your debts promptly. Smile.”

Seems easy, doesn't it?

3) Trickett Rich, Tired of Freeloaders

One of the downsides of being a high-profile poker player who wins a lot of money?

Everybody knows you have money. And exactly how much of it.

Titan Poker pro Sam Trickett sat down with WPT Poker magazine for a recent interview and, among other things, lamented about how many random Facebook requests he gets from strangers looking for money.

And how hard it is to keep coming up with excuses not to give any handouts.

Seriously, people have asked for like £40,000 to save their houses.

Full interview below:

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