Daily 3-Bet: durrrr Backs Phua, Nevada Cracks $1m, LA Poker Jam

Tom Dwan
Dwan not backing down.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey going to bat for Paul Phua, the state of Nevada cracks $1m in poker revenue and some ambitious poker fans play some hold'em on an LA freeway.

1) durrrr, Ivey Support Phuas

Phil Ivey
Ivey posts for Phuas.

We learned about poker pro Andrew Robl's $1.5m bond in support of Macau high roller Paul "malACEsia" Phua last week but Jeff German of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has turned up even more revealing details of the case over the weekend.

According to a new post both Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan - regulars in the Macau big games over the past few years - have also been heavily involved in the case since Phua's arrest in early July.

Ivey, according to court papers, put up an extra $1m on top of Robl's $1.5m. $500,000 went to Phua's $2m bail and $500,000 paid for the entirety of his son Darren's bond.

durrrr, meanwhile, was both present when FBI agents arrested the Phuas at their Caesars villa and in federal court when they appeared on illegal gambling charges. He also "signed a sworn affidavit questioning the tactics of the agents."

Immigration officials have, however, kept the two Phuas in custody while the FBI investigation continues. Read the full piece here.

2) Nevada Poker Revenue Tops $1m for First Time

Having 10,000+ poker players in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker helped, sure.

Las Vegas Strip
Good month for legal online poker in Nevada.

Still, online poker revenues topped $1m in Nevada for the first time last month - the highest tally since opening for business in the Spring of 2013.

According to PokerScout.com the exact figure was $1.073 million in June, up from the $862,000 the three primary Nevada poker sites - WSOP.com, Ultimate Poker and Real Gaming - earned in May.

That's a 20% increase.

The surge in online poker revenue was in line with an overall boost for brick-and-mortar casinos across Nevada.

The reported "total gaming win" in June 2014 was $906,904,294 - up 14% compared to June 2013.

3) Taco Stand or Hold'em Game?

A couple of ambitious LA drivers came up with an imaginative way to make the most of their time spent stuck on an LA freeway over the weekend.

Trapped for about three hours while police officers talked someone down off the ledge of an overpass, a couple of poker fans cracked out a table, chips and cards and challenged neighboring motorists to step up for an orbit or two.

While the original Instagram post above made it seem pretty clear what they were doing, for some reason a local TV station and the perpetual churn of social media turned it into a taco chef trying to make a few bucks.

Moral of the story, obv: Never use a red tablecloth to cover your impromptu freeway game. More from the LA Times here.

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