Daily 3-Bet: Duhamel Justice, Vegas Wheels, Dalla Boycott

Jon Duhamel
We're not saying Duhamel's happy about the news but ...

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Today on the docket we bring you news of the ex-girlfriend who allegedly set up Jonathan Duhamel’s 2011 home invasion, a pair of savvy investments by the smartest developers in Las Vegas and a list of 30 things you’ll never find in WSOP media director Nolan Dalla’s house.

1) Duhamel’s Ex Suffers Prison ‘Incident’

The ex-girlfriend that allegedly masterminded the assault and robbery of former world champion of poker Jonathan Duhamel was supposed to stand trial today in Quebec but was granted a brief reprieve in light of a violent incident she suffered in prison Thursday.

Bianca Rojas-Latraverse appeared before Judge Anne-Marie Jacques in a courtroom near Montreal to see if the prison beating had given her a concussion, and if she was fit to stand trial.

589744 bianca rojas latraverse
Take it from Bianca, crime doesn't pay ... unless you want to be paid in prison beatings.

Ultimately the judge ordered that Rojas-Latraverse will be seen by a doctor and the trial will commence on Monday, reported French-Canadian outlet La Presse.

The timing was impeccable for Rojas-Latraverse who happens to be celebrating her 21st birthday today.

Along with Anthony Bourque and John Clark-Lemay, Rojas-Latraverse is charged with conspiracy, breaking and entering and assault casuing bodily harm.

The three defendants are undergoing separate trials.

Duhamel, meanwhile, was having dinner with Joel Robuchon at the famous chef’s restaurant in Paris. Yeah, he’s doing okay.

2) What’s Better than One Giant Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas?

We’re not real estate experts, never claimed to be, but it seems like investing hundreds of millions of dollars in enormous Las Vegas Ferris wheels given the current economic climate is risky business.

Caesars: banking on people's love of being stuck in elevators.

Proving us completely wrong, however, are not one but two projects currently under construction in Sin City.

Caesars Entertainment, owner of the World Series of Poker brand, has been erecting a 550-foot tall wheel as the centerpiece of their $550 million Project Linq, going up now between the Flamingo and the Imperial Palace.

Caesars, demonstrating the business acumen that’s landed them in nearly $20 billion of debt, is looking to tap into the enormous market of super-wealthy gamblers who want to play for high-stakes while trapped in a glass bubble hundreds of feet above the strip. That’s a thing right?

Apparently seeing merit in Caesars’ decision to invest in giant wheels are developers Desert Land LLC and Desert Oasis Investments LLC who are building their own 500-foot wheel adjacent to the Mandalay Bay, called SkyVue.

And recent reports indicate that the project is receiving additional funding from Seattle Mariners co-owner Wayne Perry.

We say why stop at two giant Vegas observation wheels? This has Dragon’s Den written all over it.

Nolan Dalla
Nolan Dalla is a special kind of man.

3) WSOP’s Nolan Dalla Blasts Kardashians, Margarine

World Series of Poker media man Nolan Dalla is a magical individual. He moves with the grace of a young Gene Kelly and can be found immortalizing the WSOP day in and day out every summer in Las Vegas.

Dalla recently kicked off a new blog and has attacked the endeavor with the same joie-de-vivre with which he approaches everything in life.

His latest post is a list of items he's currently boycotting and, surprisingly, just one of the 30 banned items is poker-related. The list instead betrays a deep-seated aversion to synthetics, sugar and pop-music divas.

Some of our favorites include: Margarine, infants, anything written or published by Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, merlot, BMWs and any item connected in any way to either Full Tilt Poker or Ultimate Bet.

Get the full list here.

If you’ve not had the privilege of meeting the great Nolan Dalla in real life, check out the video we shot of him introducing the heads-up players at the 2010 WSOP Main Event. It’s spectacular.

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