Daily 3-Bet: Duhamel Demo, Dutch Busto, Raymer Rants

Greg Raymer
Raymer bust made waves worldwide.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a well-timed tip and a push out the back door so you just miss the raid at the afternoon poker news Blue Oyster Club.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jonathan Duhamel doing some early demolition work at the Premier League in London, a broke Dutch Boyd trying to kickstart his poker story into a real book and more notables in the poker world weighing in on the Greg Raymer arrest.

1) Duhamel Takes Heat 1 at Party Poker Premier League

Chalk up another nice poker moment for Jonathan Duhamel.

Jon Duhamel
Out front after Heat 1.

We talked about his impressive cred since the 2010 main event in our interview with him last week and he continued proving it with a Heat 1 win at the $125k Party Poker Premier League in London yesterday.

Dropped in among the sharks of Group A thanks to the random draw, Duhamel more than held his own to beat Sam Trickett heads up and earn the maximum 16 points. Final Group A: Heat 1 results:

  • 1. Jonathan Duhamel, 16 points ($32,000)
  • 2. Sam Trickett, 11 points ($22,000)
  • 3. Marvin Rettenmaier, 8 points ($16,000)
  • 4. Daniel Negreanu, 6 points ($12,000)
  • 5. Phil Hellmuth, 4 points ($8,000)
  • 6. Antonio Esfandiari, 3 points ($6,000)
  • 7. Daniel Cates, 2 points ($4,000)
  • 8. Scott Seiver, 0 points

If you're unfamilar with the Premier League format, check the details here. The “softer” Group B bracket is playing its first heat right now with Jason Mercier in the chip lead and Tony G hitting the bricks first.

Watch the action on the live stream here. Group A second heat starts today at 2 pm PT.

2) Broke Dutch Boyd Kickstarting a Book

If first chapter is any indication, may be most interesting poker book in last decade.

So Dutch Boyd, former college prodigy and 2-time WSOP bracelet winner, is broke. We knew that from a recent story about him getting denied a job at a call center for minimum wage, but it's still true.

Smartly realizing he’s got a lot more to share than the benefits of a new long-distance plan, Boyd is taking to new poker crowd-sourcing favorite Kickstarter for help on a better project.

Currently titled “Poker Tilt," Boyd is pitching a book where he not only shares his crazy rags-to-riches-to-rags story and personal history but also gives away some of his best strategy tips. Says Dutch:

“To date only 149 people have won more than one World Series of Poker Bracelet. I’m one of them. I’ve won over $2 million in poker tournaments and have held my own against the best players in the world.

“I’ve been in this game a long time and I’m ready to expose the kind of inside information that other pros take to their graves.”

Based on our varied interaction with Dutch over the years, we'd more than concur. He's definitely got the game for a great book.

Check out the first chapter of the book here and donate to the cause here.

3) Poker World Still Processing Raymer Bust

Nolan Dalla
Dalla: Mind your business, people.

So, that Greg Raymer bust really took a few weird turns hey?

We figured it would make some waves in the poker world, but man. Raymer's bust in a prostitution sting last week really brought out the hounds with the New York Post to Sports Illustrated to TMZ all jumping in for a rip at his indiscretions.

It's hard to pick out the crassest attack, truly, but Fossilman "trying to bury his bone" from TMZ and the "Poke Her Champ" headline on the back page of the Post are contenders.

Plenty of people from the poker world are still weighing in, too, including esteemed poker media icon Nolan Dalla. From Dalla:

"Clearly, this is an incident that should never have involved law enforcement in any capacity. It should never have been reported by media ... And finally, it shouldn’t be the titillating source of amusement for anyone.

"And yet, all I have seen the past few days are countless people — even some people I know and respect – posting and re-posting Greg’s mugshot to Facebook. For what purpose? Does reporting on the embarrassing details of someone’s sex life make you feel better? Does it enable you to point a finger and identify Greg as “the bad guy?”

"No. It makes you look fucking pathetic."

More from Dalla here, and another take on it from Bill Rini here.

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