Daily 3-Bet: DNegs NHL Boss, Poker v. Crack, Island of Poker Misfits

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu getting his foot in the NHL door, the similarities between poker and crack and a new age grindhouse working its trade in Maryland.

1) Daniel Negreanu, NHL Owner

Negreanu1 Kstud 1
Unsinkable Negreanu

It's pretty fair to say everything's coming up Daniel Negreanu these days.

After his spine-tingling run in the 2015 WSOP Main Event to his sixth-place finish at the recent WSOP National Championship things are clearly firing on all cylinders poker-wise.

Off the table things might be going even better -- especially if he ends up with a piece of the NHL franchise expected to come to Las Vegas.

In Toronto over the weekend for his own PokerStars party Negreanu hinted to the Toronto Sun he just might squeeze his foot in the door as part of the ownership team.

Billionaire Bill Foley is the "big money" but Negreanu will "buy a slice when the franchise is granted," the writer says.

“The idea of owning a piece of an NHL team is the coolest thing ever,” Negreanu said. He also said it's 99.9% a sure thing the franchise will be granted and he sees making the playoffs in just four or five years.

His choice for a team name? The Rat Pack.

2) Poker = Broad Satisfaction; Crack = More Fun

Ever wonder about similarities between smoking crack and playing poker? Today's your lucky day as that question's finally been answered. Pretty eloquently and definitively as well.

Shane Schleger
Hard to pick between the two.

Forbes contributor Susannah Breslin sat down with retired poker pro Shane Schleger last week to discuss his and the conversation naturally drifted into the territory Schleger famously opened up with an article on Slate last year.

Professing to 15 years of casual crack use Schleger blew a few doors off the perception of drug use in poker/in general, which he'll continue to do on the new podcast.

Asked if there are any direct commonalities between the two Schleger cut right to the chase:

"Poker and crack are similar to the extent that you can experience many bursts of brief highs and somewhat more prolonged lows in a given session. After a long session of either, you tend to feel 'gacked out.'

"Crack provides more instant relief and for me a more 'fun' immediate high, but poker offers a broader satisfaction — and the high that comes with the potential of making money.

"Really, poker offers an entire framework for a constant flow of micro-highs and micro-lows in a well-lit, legal environment."

Flow of micro-highs, broad satisfaction and feeling gacked out after a long session? Story checks out. Read the full interview here.

3) Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys, Live Poker Version

We've seen the world of the online poker grindhouse explored in print/video a few times before but rarely do you get a glimpse into a "live" poker house.

Chad Power
Housemaster Chad Power

The Washington Post posted a pretty fascinating piece yesterday, though, about a seven-player poker-crash pad ostensibly run by Chad Power near the Maryland Live! poker room in Hanover.

Power and his roommate Chris Brand you might recognize from their recent deep runs in the 2015 WSOP Main Event where they finished 26th and 24th respectively for a combined $524k.

They've got an equally successful set-up running back home too, it seems. Among the more interesting elements:

  • Ages range from 25 to 33
  • 6 are essentially "shift workers in the poker factory" Power has been run at different casinos for the past four years
  • Power recruited and trained each roommate
  • Five bottles of Head and Shoulders in shared bathroom
  • They are limited by Power to losing $2,000 a day
  • Power's Mom calls it the "Island of Misfit Toys"

Great piece by writer Steve Hendrix. Read it here.

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