Daily 3-Bet: DNegs = Drake, Lex 'Really Sick', WPT Winner-Take-All

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Today in the 3-Bet Daniel Negreanu says 'how about now' for an NHL franchise in Las Vegas, Lex Veldhuis backs off his beefs with Antonio Esfandiari and a tight group of High Rollers play a friendly SnG in Florida.

1) Negreanu = Drake in NHL Vegas Play

Daniel Negreanu6
Also started from the bottom.

Luke Fox used the comparison in this piece for Sportsnet.ca and we like it so much we're dropping it on you twice today.

Outside of Vince Carter there are few people who have legitimized the Toronto Raptors in the US more than rapper Drake.

A stretch to consider him an influence on players mulling over multi-million dolllar free agent deals? Maybe. But having Drake invested in the franchise has definitely helped its profile in the mainstream media.

Can Daniel Negreanu have the same impact on an NHL franchise in Vegas? Absolutely.

With a genuine love for the game, a decades-long track record of engaging people in a new sport and, likely, the bankroll, to help get things moving on the season ticket front DNegs is a natural ambassador for hockey in Vegas.

In the end it'll come down to a management group including Bill Foley, the Maloof brothers and possibly Wayne Gretzky to make it happen, but Negreanu definitely isn't hurting things here.

He sounds like a seasoned sportswriter in his latest blog making the case for it, too. 

2) Veldhuis: I'm really sick of entitlement

Last week we touched on Lex Veldhuis', err, less-than-warm feelings for fellow pro Antonio Esfandiari.

Today we're pleased to report Lex has reconsidered - sort of. In a new post on 2+2 responding to the situation Lex starts out by saying "Ok so. **** got out of hand a little."

Lex Veldhuis
Entitlement in poker peeves Veldhuis.

After mulling it over and discussing with mutual friends Lex allows he "shouldn't have shared it the way he did" and that Antonio is more of symbol of what he dislikes in the poker world than its current manifestation.

What exactly does he dislike?

"I think the main issue is that I'm really sick of the environment of the poker world. There are some really good people, but a lot of the players carry themselves with a sense of entitlement.

"Almost as if the poker world is the only thing that exist. Then they start referring to people, who aren't as good at poker, by saying fish, idiot, moron etc. Or they'd treat people in service jobs like ****. it just makes it a very toxic environment and it does nothing to help the poker world grow."

Read Lex's full feelings on the matter here.

3) Schwartz Takes All in Latest WPT Alpha8 Alpha6

A lot of poker players dropped into Miami International Airport on their way home from the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas.

Noah Schwartz
Two times a WPT champion.

Nobody decided to stop and play some $100k buy-in poker, apparently.

The WPT Alpha8, which has entertained some pretty small fields in its history, played perhaps its smallest event ever over the weekend at the Seminole Hard Rock.

Just six players stepped up to play the Season 2 finale, although they are all pretty clearly sensational at poker. Despite the small field it still took 321 hands to play out to a winner.

Because of the small group 1st was also the only place that paid. Noah Schwartz collected the $585k prize and trophy by defeating Jake Schindler heads-up. Jason Mercier, Bryn Kenney, Byron Kaverman and Dan Colman were the other four players.

With the win Schwartz becomes the first player to win both a regular WPT title and a WPT Alpha8 title.

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