Daily 3-Bet: DNegs Boast, Galfond Roast, Shove Free or Die

Daniel Negreanu
If our numbers were that good, we'd boast too.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a small band of minutemen, a keg of gunpowder and a real disinclination to pay the afternoon poker news tea tax.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu running the numbers on a monster year on the poker circuit, Phil Galfond gets roasted for just shy of $1 million and the state of New Hampshire finally gets with the small-stakes poker program.

1) Negreanu's Poker Salary for 2013: $3,200/hour

It ended on a sour note, with him bolting from the Czech Republic in a spotty-internet induced rage, but man. Daniel Negreanu's 2013 was pretty good:

2) Galfond Roasted by Macau Fish samrostan

It's never pleasant to lose $833k in a night, obviously, but coming this close to the end of the year - and to an inferior player - it must sting just a little bit more.

Phil Galfond
Looking for some holiday discount codes today.

Cruising along steadily in the black for the year, as he usually is, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond put some major red ink on the spreadsheet last night at the hands of Macau online regular samrostan.

Generally considered among the weaker high-stakes regs (with a -$4m downswing in 2013 to back it up), samrostan put a surprise shellacking on Galfond in a couple of sessions of 8-Game mixed.

According to highstakesdb the two played two big sessions spread over 24 hours with samrostan both running well and playing well, frustrating Galfond and walking away with close to $1m of his money.

Previously known under the account patpatpanda, samrostan is still down $3.6m on the year. More on last night's session here.

3) New Hampshire Lives Up to License Plate. Sorta.


With a state motto like "Live Free or Die" you'd hardly expect New Hampshire to be a nanny state when it comes to poker - particularly small, private home games. That's unfortunately the case, though, as New Hampshire still has a silly law on the books making home poker games illegal.

Thankfully that's about to change with a new bill scheduled to go before the New Hampshire Legislature on Jan. 8.

Yesterday a House panel voted 19-0 in favor of passing Bill 459 that would permit small stakes poker among friends a long as "the ‘house’ takes no rake, no admission can be charged, odds can’t favor any player, there is not a house bank and the games can not be advertised to the public.”

Which is, well, not exactly living free but better than nothing. More on the Bill here.

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