Daily 3-Bet: DNegs 92.4% on NHL, SHRPO Fab 4, Hawaii 5x Uh Oh

7.6% wiggle room on NHL bid.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu's hockey HUD showing good odds the NHL in Vegas, a final four of note at the Seminole Hard Rock and the Hawaii police makes its position (sort of) clear on online poker.

1) Negreanu Runs NHL Numbers

Just how confident is Daniel Negreanu that the NHL will both a) come to Vegas and b) be a success? 92.4% confident, apparently, according to a recent appearance on Fox Sports North.

Dropping in by phone to give his insight DNegs certainly suggested it's a done deal - at least according to his own personal "poker analysis."

How serious is this bid? A Super Bowl ad for Vegaswantshockey.com serious. We've heard those things don't come cheap.

Listen to Negreanu (who's on the "Professional Poker Tour" according to the graphic) below:

2) Stout Outlasts Mercier, Shorr, Fish for SHRPO $2k Title

Matt Stout
A game indeed.

Just how tough can tournament poker be sometimes?

How's this for a final four in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $2,200 Six-Max event:

Matt Stout, Jason Mercier, Darryll Fish and Shannon Shorr.

Last we checked they had a combined 900 major tournament titles and around 40 gazillion in career earnings. Give or take.

As you might expect, a protracted battle ensued before Stout emerged victorious over Mercier heads-up to collect $54k or so. An accomplishment he can very fairly be proud of:

Hard way to make an easy living? Yep. We'll stick to the Daily $27. More from SHRPO here.

3) Is Online Poker a Crime in Hawaii? Still Not Sure

Watch, and be even more confused. Handcuffs seem to say yes, but a game of chance? Haven't we gone over this already?

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