Daily 3-Bet: Dempsey on IveyPoker, French MPs Busted, Baumann on BOM

Gaelle Baumann
Gaelle Baumann

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three helpings of a thanksgiving feast in a normally fat-free mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at James Dempsey making the elite IveyPoker team, French MPs playing online poker on work hours and Gaelle Baumann’s Battle of Malta experience.

James Dempsey
James Dempsey

1) James Dempsey Hops on IveyPoker

IveyPoker announced its first English member yesterday in the form of Brighton-native James “Flushy” Dempsey.

An online player, Dempsey has been focusing on live tournaments over the last couple years and been having considerable success.

Dempsey won his first bracelet in 2010 when he outlasted 650 players to win a $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em event.

In 2012 Dempsey won the prestigious WPT Five Diamond event at Bellagio in Las Vegas for $821,612.

Dempsey outlasted 413 players including final table opponents Antonio Esfandiari and Vanessa Selbst to win the tournament.

In total Dempsey has picked up over $2 million in lifetime tournament earnings, despite only playing live tournaments seriously since 2010.

The poker world is still waiting to see exactly what IveyPoker will be, but the site advertises a social media game and poker training content.

To be fair, poker on iPad IS pretty fun.

2) French MPs Busted for Playing Online Poker on Tablets

It seems French members of parliament have found a new way to stave off boredom during tedious debates.

According to a story by The Telegraph, French MPs were caught by press photographers playing online poker on their tablets during sessions of parliament.

In addition to poker, the MPs also played chess and shopped for wine (they are French) on their iPads or similar devices.

The incident has sparked several calls to eliminate wireless Internet in the National Assembly or at least scramble the signal to block certain sites.

Suddenly it makes sense why several random members of parliament were heard shouting, “Ship iiiiiiiiit!” during a budget hearing.

3) Baumann on Battle of Malta

The PokerListings Battle of Malta is real and it’s spectacular.

We’re just about through Day 1b of the tournament and a total of 349 runners have entered the event to create a prizepool of nearly €175k.

We were fortunate enough to have French poker wonder Gaelle Baumann come out and play the event and she’s crushing it with 72,000 chips after Day 1a.

She gave Kara Scott an interview on Day 1a to give her thoughts on the tournament and Malta. Check it out below:

Bonus Bet) Matt Glantz is Thankful

There are a lot of reasons for the poker world to be thankful this year but Matt Glantz has perhaps the most compelling list of all.

The outspoken Glantz posted 28 things he is most thankful for in poker on his blog today and it’s hard to argue with his choices. You can read the complete list here but here are some of the highlights:

  • Andy Frankenberger keeps on winning tournaments. Keeping the mystery of tournament poker alive and well.
  • Will the Thrill also keeps on winning tournaments. If he can do it anybody can.
  • Not having any of my own money stuck on FTP.  Had it all on PokerStars just by blind luck.
  • KevMath, the most underappreciated person in poker.  
  • After 8 years of full time poker I still look forward to it almost everyday!!!

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Hank 2012-11-23 17:09:09

Not crazy about this Glantz fellow. Seem a bit self righteous about his place in poker.

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