Daily 3-Bet: Demidov Stiffed, Movie Star DNegs, Best Bluff Ever

Chris Moneymaker
Pull off the most epic bluff ever? Get a statue!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the mid-afternoon poker news piece where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a terrible story regarding Ivan Demidov’s 2008 WSOP payout, Daniel Negreanu going Hollywood and arguably the most important bluff ever at the WSOP.

1) Don’t Pay That Man His Money: Ivan Demidov Stiffed for WSOP Payout

Ivan Demidov
What the what???

This is rather shocking but apparently Ivan Demidov (who came second to Peter Eastgate for $5.8m in the 2008 WSOP Main Event) never received his winnings.

According to All In Magazine the Russian still hasn’t gotten anything from his backer:

“That second place has changed my life completely, but not because of the money I won, as I haven’t received any. That’s a long and dark story, but basically my backer did not pay me and I ended up not getting any prize money.”


Cue the rampant speculation about shady Russian mobsters taking advantage of young poker players. It sounds really strange because you’d think the money would have to have passed through Demidov at some point. Why would he give the whole sum to his backer?

Despite the rather significant setback Demidov said he’s still thankful for all the opportunity poker has provided him including a pro contract with PokerStars.

2) Daniel Negreanu Goes from Dusk Till Dawn in TV Shoot

Those of you who follow Daniel Negreanu on social media have been noticing that he’s been very “Hollywood” over the last week.

Whether it’s photos of cars or the Hollywood Hills, Negreanu has certainly been living the life in LA.

Well last night he finally Instagrammed a photo of the set he’s been working on for his mystery TV project. It looks very poker.

Poker table? Check. Bricks of cash? Check. Ferraris? Check.

So what’s he actually working on? Make your own guess after seeing the set below:

negreanu set
























3) WSOP Throwback: Moneymaker Pulls “The Bluff of the Century”

The 2015 WSOP begins today with hundreds of poker players already heading to the Rio in hopes of winning a bracelet or life-changing money.

It’s easy to forget that prior to 2003 the WSOP was a much-smaller event. Thanks to Chris Moneymaker winning the Main Event that year everything changed.

It wasn’t just that he won, however, as there was one hand that gave hope to amateur poker players everywhere. We’re talking, of course, about the infamous bluff that Moneymaker ran on Farha heads-up.

It’s pretty much perfect and poker players everywhere can thank Moneymaker for having the guts to pull it off and singlehandedly change the poker industry:

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